The Best Uses of Melissa Etheridge Songs in Movies or TV

There are differing opinions on how popular Melissa Etheridge really is but one look at the things she’s done and the fame she’s amassed throughout her career should be enough to silence many people while a few might actually scoff and say it doesn’t mean much. In truth though she’s come a long way since being discovered and while she might have rubbed a few people the wrong way somehow she’s still managed to take it in stride and just do her thing. Her style of music is something you kind of have to get used to unless it just touches you in that right way, but it’s usually a good time when she’s on and given that she enjoys what she’s doing it’s easy to get into the same rhythm. If nothing else her career speaks for itself and any doubters that still think she’s not worth her guitar strings are just blowing smoke.

Here are a few of her songs as they’ve been heard in TV and movies.

5. Boys On the Side – Take You With Me

When three unlikely friends meet up and hit the road with one another they discover a lot of things about each other that test the bonds of their new friendship and ultimately split them apart after  a while. But after having found one another and realizing that they enjoy each other’s company they eventually reconcile to spend the remaining days they have with one another. While Holly is eventually sent to jail for involuntary manslaughter and Robin continues to decline thanks to being HIV positive, Jane is the only one that will eventually need to start a new life as she makes her way to LA, intent on beginning something she can be proud of.

4. The Devil’s Own – This War is Over

There would be every reason for a man to be angry if his family was exposed to violence and threats due to a person they’d taken into their home. But unfortunately Frankie wasn’t there for anything other than the necessity of needing a place to stay while he conducted his business. The violent nature that the IRA has been blamed for throughout the years is put on display in this film when Frankie is shown as a rather ruthless man that is trying to do what he can to defend himself and those he cares about by finding the means to take out those that are trying to persecute him and his friends. But using an unsuspecting family as his cover is enough to fully anger someone when they find out, and rightfully so.

3. Money Train – Dance Without Sleeping

When one brother is in trouble with the wrong people and the other brother has to bail him out it becomes kind of a mess that neither of them want to deal with but neither of them can ignore either. That leads them to think that the only way out and the only way that they can settle the debt and still be comfortable afterwards is to pull off a heist unlike anything that’s been done before. The money train is after all the one thing in their city that they would know how to deal with when it comes to a robbery, as they have intricate knowledge of the train, what it’s carrying, and how to get away with it.

2. American Idol – I’m the Only One

American Idol is a show that a lot of people made time in their busy schedules to watch since it was a show that was essentially giving a chance to just about anyone to prove what they could do. The fact that we got to see behind the scenes at times was even better since it made the whole thing more real by taking note of the fact that thousands of people came out in the show’s history to try and prove that their voices were better than others and that they deserved the chance to shine. While a large number of them were turned away there were still those that impressed the judges enough to be allowed on stage in front of the audience, and a good number of them have gone on to make a career for themselves.

1. An Inconvenient Truth – I Need to Wake Up

While it’s very true that humans can affect their environment, Al Gore kind of loses traction by stating that he used to be the next president of the United States, giving out stories about his family that had nothing to do with global warming or climate change, and even encouraging people to push this movie when speaking of it to others. This makes the movie political in a way since he’s kind of attempting to increase his own agenda instead of encouraging people to be free-thinkers. There are problems in the world that are supposedly getting worse, but Gore really isn’t the mouthpiece that we need.

Melissa is a very talented woman, and the doubters would do well just to recognize this.

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