The Best Uses of Montgomery Gentry Songs in Movies or TV

Montgomery Gentry, the last names of the duo respectively, have gone through a few different band names throughout their history but finally came together and were signed to a deal in 1999. Before that they both attempted to go solo with their careers, but Gentry had problems finding any solid purchase for his own career while Montgomery ended up doing quite well. Both men are Kentucky natives that have been singing and playing music for a long while now, though they did manage to come in and out each other’s lives a few times before finally teaming up to form their current group. One could possibly say that they had to experience a few things on their own just to see that their sound together was superior to anything that they might have accomplished by going solo.

Here are a few of their songs as heard in TV and movies.

5. Montgomery Gentry – Where I Come From

It’s listed that this song was played in the movie Checkpoint, though finding a clip is kind of tough. In any case, the movie is about a small coastal town that’s been home to insurgents that begin to tear the town apart from within. One local vagrant heard tell of the attacks to come and tried to alert law enforcement, but was rebuffed as being off his rocker. When the attacks begin however the officer that was told has to try and assemble a task force that can deal with the growing number of insurgents and bring peace back to the small town. This seems like it would be an utter nightmare for any small community.

4. Mongtomery Gentry – Hell Yeah

This song was featured in Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime walk, which is a movie about a young man that was severely traumatized during active duty in Iraq but is now, along with his squad, going to be honored at a Dallas Cowboy’s home game during halftime. During the halftime presentation one of his squad members attacks a security guard after his PTSD is unfortunately triggered, and Billy can’t help but feel anxious as the fireworks and other pyrotechnics are employed. Despite the honor that is bestowed upon the troops one can’t help but think that this would be a poor way to welcome them home, simply because they’ve not acclimated to home and some of them just want some peace and quiet.

3. American Idol – Gone

American Idol was where people really came to let it all out and the songs they picked were very telling of their personality and their skill set. In fact it’s safe to say that some of the songs were those that a lot of people had never even heard of before. But despite not having heard them it was at times quite pleasant to hear the people singing and doing an absolutely fantastic job of it. Some folks had a voice that seemed so perfectly tuned that it was a wonder that they didn’t earn a record contract on the spot. Of course that would kind of undermine the whole idea of the contest and the show.

2. Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector – Git-R-Done

Larry the Cable Guy seems like the last person you’d want to see as a health inspector and this movie kind of proves that you’d be right. He doesn’t play a very bright individual and as a result his boss and the new partner that he’s saddled with have no respect for him at all. But when he loses his job over a mixup that was orchestrated by another individual that’s been poisoning the food in some of the top restaurants in the city he decides to take matters into his own hands and finally gets enough evidence to convince his boss and others that he is competent enough to perform his job.

1. Montgomery Gentry – Hillbilly Shoes

This song was supposed to go with Dukes of Hazzard and whether you like the original or the most recent blockbuster with Sean William Scott and Johnny Knoxville is a matter of personal taste. The movie didn’t seem to do the greatest job of treating the original series with the most respect possible, but it did manage to have at least a little bit of fun and introduce a few interesting moments that were enjoyable. The car chases, Daisy, and the bar fight were particularly fun moments that were able to produce a bit of laughter and appreciation. But like I said, it’s all a matter of personal taste.

Together these two were a great sound that produced a lot more than they did alone, but unfortunately tragedy struck in 2017 when Gentry perished in a helicopter accident that happened in New Jersey where the duo had a show to perform that night. Despite the loss of his friend and partner Montgomery still continues to perform under the name Montgomery Gentry, no doubt to show respect and love for his friend.

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