The Best Uses of Outkast Songs in Movies or TV

Sometimes all it takes is two guys meeting in a shopping center to get things rolling and eventually a duo will come along that makes everyone kind of stand up and pay attention. The only issue now though is that OutKast didn’t last as long as a lot of people wanted to see since their career went from 1991 to 2006, which is a good run. In 2014 they came back for a type of reunion that didn’t last all that long but made people happy. While the duo weren’t together and still aren’t by all appearances they have been doing solo work and have reportedly been doing just fine. A lot of fans however would love to see the duo get back together yet again and come up with some new material to move to, though whether or not they’ve even given this some thought isn’t something that a lot of people are certain about.

Here are some of their songs as they’ve appeared in movies and TV.

5. Any Given Sunday – Sole Sunday

Football films are usually great to watch since they involve a lot of action and drama to keep each side of the film appeased and balanced. This one however shows Jamie Foxx’s character attempting to supplant Dennis Quaid’s at quarterback, the top spot on any team since they’re the guy everyone looks to when something goes wrong. The struggle for the position however is something that Foxx’s character might be ready for in theory, but he quickly begins to tear the team apart thanks to his lack of experience and his need to ‘be somebody’ since he rode the bench for so long.

4. Higher Learning – Phobia

Higher Learning is a college movie that’s way too accurate depending on where you attend school and how it works in terms of overall student satisfaction. In this era and in this school things are just barely contained since a lot of people of different race and ethnicity just don’t like each other, but they keep the peace regardless. When a gang of white supremacists decide to take their game to the next level however things begin to pop off in a big way as their newest member decides to prove that he has the stones to kill someone. During a student-run event he begins to take aim at people from a rooftop, killing at least one before he’s cornered by police, whereupon he commits suicide.

3. Lip Sync Battle – Hey Ya

It’s so easy to love this show since the energy the celebrities bring to the stage is so infectious that it kind of makes you want to get up and start dancing and just have a lot of fun. It’s a wonder if the show is going to last all that long but so far it’s been great since people seem to love it and want to see more and more. The acts get a little more elaborate now and again as the backup dancers and the stage are brought out decked to the nines and ready to impress the crowd. For their own part the audience get into it as well since it’s a lot of good fun and a chance to enjoy their favorite stars being silly.

2. Smokin’ Aces – Spottieottiedopalicious

Smokin Aces is one of those movies that seems like a train wreck waiting to happen, but in a way that you don’t want to turn away from because something insane and utterly wonderful is going to result from it. Or rather, something gory and hard to stomach comes from it, but the action is enough to keep a lot of people in their seats since some of the most dangerous and notorious hitmen, and women, are being sent after Buddy Israel in an attempt to take him alive for the bounty and deliver him to the mob boss that has demanded his heart. Yep, that’s right, the guy wants his heart, but not for the reason you might think.

1. Fight and Dance Mashup – Hey Ya

This was just too awesome to pass up since throughout the clip you can see that the song conforms to a lot of the movements without fail. People that make these must spend a lot of time searching for the right clips and the paring them down just enough so that they’ll fit. Then comes the timing of each clip so that it flows along with the song, making sure to hit the notes and the beats just right so it doesn’t seem completely disjointed. It’s a different way to spend your time so long as you have the equipment, programs, and patience, but what comes from it is pretty impressive since it would take someone that knows how to listen and time things just right to be accurate enough to make it work.

OutKast might not be together any longer but they did lay down some great tracks for people to enjoy.

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