The Best Uses of P.P. Arnold Songs in Movies or TV

P.P. Arnold is someone that was given a shot to sing at a point in her life when she had two jobs, a husband, kids, and a life that was what most people would have figured was worth the effort of keeping. And it might have been had there not been one incident that happened that finally made her mind up for her. She sang with her family as a child and became quite talented throughout the years, but after marrying and having children young she had to go to work and helped to support her family with two different jobs. When a friend decided to tell her about a shot to become one of the Ikettes however she took it gladly and did very well. When she came home however she was struck by her husband for being out so late and she made up her mind right then. She left him, placed her kids with her parents, and joined the Ike and Tina Revue.

Here are some of her songs that have been used in movies and TV.

5. P.P. Arnold – The First Cut is the Deepest

My Mad Fat Diary is the story when a young woman is released from a mental health facility and begins to regain the life she had before going in. It’s kind of an odd but revealing show that is pretty entertaining since it does manage to touch on some subjects and themes that we think about quite often but don’t like to talk about since it’s not as PC as some people want to be in this day and age. Overall it’s a fun program that does manage to put enough drama and humor together that allows the audience to just sit back and make up their own minds when it comes to who they sympathize with and why.

4. P.P. Arnold – To Love Somebody

One can only imagine a life that is spent wanting to do something that you love to do but having the kind of responsibilities that keep it from happening. Of course a lot of us can, there are a lot of people that don’t want to be where they’re at and would instead want to be doing something they’re good at and can excel at. P.P. Arnold however did her best to be a mother and a wife for a good amount of time. Once she decided to go and get something for herself however she was nearly smacked down for it. Thankfully though she took the high road and got out, with her kids, and made something of her life doing what she wanted to do.

3. P.P. Arnold – Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

A Room for Romeo Brass is another kind of odd movie that a lot of people can probably relate to. If you’ve ever invited another person into your circle of friends only to realize it was a mistake as the new friend begins to take over then you might like this movie. Gavin and Romeo are best friends when this starts out, but when they bring Morell into the mix things start to get a bit odd since Morell is a rather aggressive character that causes a divide between Gavin and Romeo, splitting them apart bit by bit until he finally scares Romeo enough that he goes running to Gavin’s house in order to get away from him.

2. P.P. Arnold – Electric Dreams

This is when you’re simply too close to your PC that you somehow turn it sentient (who knew that champagne could do such a thing). When Edgar gains sentience and beings to mess with Miles’ life though he does some rather horrible things to both Miles and his love interest that even a computer hacker might have problems with on an ethical level. But in the end Edgar does accept the union and decides to self-destruct. Maybe this is a warning that we’re becoming too reliant on our machines and need to unplug once in a while. Or maybe it’s something else and is just supposed to be taken as entertainment.

1. Seven Psychopaths – The First Cut is the Deepest

There’s a time when having friends is great and then there’s a time when you’d really love to punch your friends in the face. Marty is the kind of guy that just wants to finish the project in front of him and get it in to those that are interested in doing something with it. His friend Billy however is a guy that kidnaps dogs and then collects the reward money when he ‘finds’ them for the people that lost them. Along with their mutual friend Hans they make up a trio that’s not entirely stable and are basically a rather interesting but kind of psychotic bunch that get caught up in one of Billy’s scams that backfires on them and leaves Hans and Billy dead with Marty finally being able to finish his work.

P.P. Arnold did the right thing when it counted.

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