The Best Uses of Paula Abdul Songs in Movies or TV

Paula Abdul is kind of a perfect example of being in the right place at the right time. Since she’s been in dance and music for some time it’s not hard to imagine just how she managed to become a Laker girl, a position of very high esteem to be honest, and then eventually found her way into the spot of top choreographer for the group. When the Jacksons discovered her they decided to utilize her talent as well and from that point on it seems as though her career was always destined to be something great. For decades now she’s been one of those that people will look to without question when it comes to dancing and will take her at her word when she speaks about what it takes to get the attention of the crowd. Let’s be honest, a lot of us watched her at least once or twice when we were younger and thought she was not only ridiculously gorgeous, but also very well-versed when it came to her dance routines. The woman is simply a legend in her own time.

Here are a few of her songs as they’ve been heard in TV and movies.

5. Muppets Tonight – Opposites Attract

The Muppets have always been known for bringing on some of the greatest talents around and giving them a spot to wow the audience with. Paula is just one of many that have been featured on this show throughout the years and was undoubtedly one of those that was the most welcome. Some might say that a celebrity’s career is on a downward slide when they have to start making guest appearances on shows like this, but quite honestly this is a big part of what it’s like to be a celebrity. Those that move about from show to show as a guest might not always be as popular as they used to be, but a lot of times it increases their exposure to the audience and thereby elevates their status a bit.

4. Paula Abdul – Cold Hearted

When it comes to Paula’s sexuality on stage she’s never really shied away from anything that might seem a bit racy to others, but this video managed to widen a lot of eyes when it first came out. Despite being the late 80s and regardless of the fact that things were changing when it came to music and videos, this was still considered by some to be a bit risque since it was so intimate that it kind of raised eyebrows and made people wonder what she was doing. That being said however it’s one of those songs that did get a lot of play when it first came out, but kind of faded off eventually once the newness had evaporated.

3. Sabrina the Teenage Witch – Opposites Attract

Any story about the occult or monsters or something similar to such subjects seems to get a lot of play when it first comes out. Sabrina was at one time a character in Archie comics but was brought to the small screen eventually, and people loved it. The whole idea of a teenager that could work magic and use it to her advantage was something that a lot of teenagers loved and wanted to watch. Melissa Joan Hart was one of the biggest stars of the time thanks to this show and despite the fact that the talking cat was just a little creepy a lot of fans never wanted the show to end. It’s kind of safe to say that even if the new Sabrina has greater effects a lot of people might still prefer the original.

2. Beverly Hills 90210 – Bend Time Back Around

The popularity of this show is something that a few people could never understand but those that were fans never questioned. The whole idea of following the lives of several high school kids throughout their everyday lives was something that was ultimately appealing back then and created massive ratings. The attempt to bring it back wasn’t all that great and it’s kind of easy to state that it should have ended its run and been left alone, but there are still people around that love to watch the reruns and idolize the actors from back in the day. As of now however some of us can’t help but wonder just what we saw in the show.

1. Paula Abdul – Straight Up

To be honest Paula’s songs haven’t shown up in a lot of movies aside from being sung aloud by people now and again in clips that are either extremely difficult or impossible to find. Side Out however was a movie starring C. Thomas Howell and had to do with a young man that had made his way to California to become a lawyer only to take up the sport of beach volleyball when he was exposed to it one day. Eventually he decides that he belongs on the beach and, well, you can guess where the story goes from there.

No matter what anyone says, Paula Abdul has been great since the moment her career took off.

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