The Best Uses of Rage Against the Machine Songs in Movies or TV

When talking about bands that were just rough, raw, and didn’t give a damn Rage Against the Machine was one of those that you could rely on at all times to be as rough as it got while delivering their version of the truth to your ears via insane guitar riffs and lyrics that were meant to create a stir in a person. They were one of the most intrigue bands to come out during the 90s and it’s unfortunate that they didn’t last as long as others since they were among the favorites of many thanks to their no-nonsense manner when it came to their tracks. They came back in 2007 but only lasted until 2011. They did experience a change in their lineup, but it’s never been quite the same. Some might have called them controversial and it’s not too hard to figure out why, but a lot of folks didn’t care since they liked the music and were willing to go along with the band’s ideals.

Here are a few songs of theirs that made it into movies and TV.

5. WWE – Degeneration X

Degeneration X was one of the most dynamic and disruptive groups that made their way to the ring during their run in the WWE since their entire attitude was about shaking things up and letting people know that they weren’t going to be bound by the rules. They even helped to instigate and push the battle between WWE and WCW as they made it loud and clear that the WWE wasn’t going anywhere and that they would eventually win. Within the WWE however they were both liked and reviled since they did whatever they wanted apparently and got away with it, as per the script. They were the bad boys of the locker room for a while and people loved it.

4. The Matrix – Wake Up

This final scene of the Matrix was so great since it left people feeling empowered upon leaving the theater, as though they’d been given a jolt that made them realize it was time to wake up and take control of their lives. Of course that feeling faded a bit when it was realized that a lot of movies can do this, but it was still a powerful part of the experience all the same. Neo basically gave the matrix a wake-up call that alerted it to the fact that he was no longer under its control and had almost full rein within the system. If the movie had been the first and only it might have been better, since the sequels started getting a bit ridiculous.

3. Saturday Night Live – Bulls on Parade

The band actually got banned from SNL after this appearance since they did something they shouldn’t have but still felt compelled to go through with right before their set. It wasn’t the song that got them banned, it was the fact that they hung the American flag, one per amp, upside down before their set. This was in protest to the host that night, Steve Forbes, and it was ill-advised since TV shows like SNL have a reputation to uphold and Lorne Michaels doesn’t really care for anything that’s not scripted or planned on his show. As a lot of people might know by now the flag being hung upside down is a distress signal that things aren’t okay, and it sends a very improper message when presented to so many people. Obviously the flags were taken down, but Rage wasn’t allowed back on the show.

2. The Crow – Darkness

One great thing about this movie among the many other great things is that it had a killer soundtrack. From Rage Against the Machine to Nine Inch Nails to Stone Temple Pilots this disc was just awesome. But the movie itself was great since while it is a love story and meant to convey the power that love can grant to a person it’s also a tale about how a man is brought back to life to gain his vengeance upon those that killed him and his fiance. The power of love doesn’t always have to be a completely romanticized thing after all, as it can fuel some truly great films that are packed with action and the type of violence that a lot of people are down for on a regular basis.

1. Higher Learning – Year of the Boomerang

College is chaos in a very controlled form. If you think that doesn’t make sense then you might be the type that’s never been or that has been insulated from the mayhem of it all for much of your life. Taking on the college experience by yourself and with minimal help is like walking into a maelstrom that might look peaceful from a distance but is ready and willing to tear you up if you take a single wrong step.

Rage Against the Machine was one of the best bands around, it’s too bad that they’re not bound to reunite any time soon.

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