The Best Uses of Sam Cooke Songs in Movies or TV

In the current generation it would be interesting to know just who remembers Sam Cooke and who’s never heard of him, since among many of those musicians that have come and gone he’s one that should be in the history books as being among the most influential. At one time he was known as the King of Soul as he was one of the greatest entertainers of his time. The fact that he was fatally shot as a means of self-defense has been all but forgotten in the face of his musical career. There was more than a little controversy since the woman that shot him claimed he came in acting extremely aggressive and she had no choice but to defend herself. However it happened however Cooke was only in his 30s when his life ended, leaving a lot of people to think of what might have happened had he been allowed to go on with his life.

Here are some of his songs from movies and TV.

5. Adventures in Babysitting – Bring It On Home To Me

Yes, Elizabeth Shue was once this young even if you find it hard to believe. She plays a young woman that takes a babysitting job but finds it more than she bargained for when she has to go and retrieve her friend from a bus stop in the middle of the night. Unfortunately there’s a few misadventures along the way and they end up meeting a rather violent trucker that becomes an ally at one point and have a run-in with a couple of gangsters that want them dead. Fortunately they make it home alright and the parents of her young charges are none the wiser as they think that everything went perfectly.

4. The Blues Brothers – Soothe Me

Jake and Elwood aren’t exactly the best guys in the world when it comes to being human beings but they are the frontmen for a blues group that was at one time considered to be one of the greatest bands around. When Jake gets out of prison he and Elwood have to find a way to earn enough money to keep their former home, an inner-city orphanage, from being sold, thereby forcing the orphans and those that take care of them to move on. Upon reuniting their old band however they find more difficulty than they bargained for as the law, a bunch of redneck hillbilly performers, a white nationalist party, and a few others are on their tail trying to kill them.

3. American Idol – A Change Is Gonna Come

If this young man’s story doesn’t inspire you then it’s likely that you have a heart of stone since like so many other individuals that have come to audition for American Idol over the years he had a story to tell. His though was something that seemed too tragic to believe since he and his family had to live out of a makeshift tent and had to sell just about everything they had in order to survive. Tales like this come to American Idol fairly often since a lot of people are looking to fashion a dream for themselves and are willing to take the leap in order to really wake up something inside that can help them achieve greatness.

2. Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 1 – Bring It On Home To Me

It almost seemed surprising to hear older music in a space-themed show that was about superheroes that a lot of people remember from years back. But Peter Quill is the kind of guy that enjoys the oldies since that was what he grew up on and that’s what he enjoyed. As for anyone else in the cast their characters likely have heard much different music than we earthlings are used to and might think of it all as a bit odd. That being said oddities are a way of life with the Guardians and this is why the music actually fit perfectly into the movie since it was something unexpected, much like a great deal of the film.

1. Animal House – Twistin’ the Night Away

There was time when college seemed like it was just as it seemed in this movie and some aspects were dead-on accurate. Of course a lot of it got exaggerated beyond belief, for example the scene in which Bluto chugged an entire bottle of Jack Daniels, which was in fact iced tea. Oops, spoiler. But anyway, the Deltas showed that college didn’t have to be a boring downer that was all about studying and sticking to the rules, they had fun no mater what came their way and yes, they should have studied a bit more, but when you figure that a lot of the characters went on to promising careers you can honestly say that they were still successful while having fun.

Twistin’ the night away…

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