The Best Uses of Ted Nugent Songs in Movies or TV

In terms of his music contributions Ted Nugent has been an absolute superstar and has been thrilling fans and any that will listen for decades. But in terms of being a human being it’s all a matter of perspective and what you choose to believe. For instance the whole issue of him not going to Vietnam when he was of age and apparently fit enough to go is kind of a long and twisting story since it would appear that he said one thing only to turn around and deny it. At the same time he was apparently given student deferment but wasn’t but then again was. It’s quite confusing really since he’s changed his admission more than once. And then there’s the fact that he’s a rather controversial person that will speak his mind more often than not, which is great, but doesn’t always take into account the things he says. Like him or not, he’s a part of rock and roll history at this point.

Here are a few of his songs that have been used in TV and movies.

5. My Name is Earl – Free For All

My Name Is Earl had to be one of the funniest shows of its era despite the fact that a lot of people didn’t know about it and don’t remember it much to this day. It was kind of a sleazy show since it was about a man that loved to steal, lived in a trailer park, and had almost no redeeming qualities at all. But when he started believing in karma things took a definite turn as he and his brother would go around righting the wrongs he’d done to so many people throughout the years and reaping the rewards for it as a result. It did have a positive message a lot of times no matter how messed up the story was on the way there.

4. Stranger Things – Wango Tango

It seems fair to say that a lot of us are simply waiting with bated breath for the next season of Stranger Things to come out, but so far things have been so intense that you can’t help but wonder how they’re going to top what’s already been seen. Eleven is evolving as the story goes along, and the boys are growing up and noticing girls as they find that life isn’t just about D&D and hanging out anymore. Even the teenagers are growing up and learning how to move on with their lives, though honestly the biggest interest is that now that the creatures of the Upside Down know about the world beyond theirs, what’s going to happen?

3. The Walking Dead – Turn It Up

It would seem that Merle was loved and hated during his run in The Walking Dead. He wasn’t the nicest guy but he was someone you had to admit brought a bit of a challenge to the story. He and Daryl didn’t always get along but at the same time they were brothers and had a bond that couldn’t be broken since despite the constant machinations of his older brother, Daryl would always stick up for him. In fact one of the saddest days was when Merle finally had to go, though he did come back just to torment his little brother and give him the strength he needed to go on. So Merle was in fact good for something.

2. Invincible – Stranglehold

Invincible was the kind of story, based on a true story, that helps a person believe that the impossible could happen. Vince Papale’s tale was somewhat glamorized and no doubt taken a bit out of context at some points but the feeling of it was still there. You don’t insult certain fanbases and you don’t count certain people out when they’re seeking their dreams. Vince saw what he wanted and despite not thinking he had a shot he went for it, eventually playing for the Philadelphia Eagles and surpassing the hopes and dreams of a lot of people that thought he couldn’t do it. Now and again the impossible becomes entirely possible.

1. Lords of Dogtown – Cat Scratch Fever

Lords of Dogtown is just one of the movies this song has showed up in, but it was one of the better ones since it shows the evolution of skating and at least a part of the challenge that went into developing the sport. The Z boys were a bunch of young men and even a couple of women that a lot of folks would have looked at and called rejects, but their skills on a skateboard are legendary and managed to not only get them famous, but helped to deliver them new lives that saw them rocket into stardom and become individuals that would forever be remembered by more than just one culture.

However you view Ted Nugent he did contribute to the music industry.

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