The Best Uses of Third Eye Blind Songs in Movies or TV

Third Eye Blind is still going believe it or not but hearing from them seems to be a now and again kind of thing since their popularity seems to dip now and again depending on how the public receives them. Back in the 90s they were on fire since their music seemed to speak to an entire generation of teenagers that needed someone to really step up and speak out about how their lives were going and how thing were a bit tough now and again. These days that message is still needed but it’s kind of muted compared to what it used to be. While their songs and their sound are still popular they’ve had to make way for a lot of new bands coming up much in the same way that older bands have been having to do for some time now. Keep in mind that this band has seen the passage of a couple decades now, and is still around. That’s fairly impressive to be honest.

Here are some of their songs as heard in movies and TV.

5. Game Night – Semi-Charmed Life

It’s great to want to try and spice things up between couples with an invigorating game night, but sometimes the board games and other stuff should be as far as it goes, a this film seems to indicate. While the excitement and the overall thrill of it could possibly be a huge rush, the idea that you might actually doing something illegal and could be killed for it is kind of a downer. When Max and Annie get so deep into the game that escaping is nearly impossible however they find that they have to see it through to the end to save his brother and to finally reach some modicum of safety.

4. Saturday Night Live – How’s It Going to Be

A lot of people have accused Third Eye Blind of being a one-hit wonder, but honestly they’ve kept going and been fairly successful throughout their career. It doesn’t seem as though they’ve hit the same kind of popularity they had in the beginning when they came out with several singles that people loved, but true fans have stuck with them throughout the years and there’s enough to make it worth the effort. Being on SNL is one way that a band can make sure that they have enough pull to really be worth the time of the fans, though unless they show up more than once it’s also kind of a courtesy to try and keep their fame alive.

3. Can’t Hardly Wait – Graduate

We thought we were kings and queens in high school didn’t we? High school became our playground, and we were the lords and ladies that ran it, or so we believed. Once high school is over though a lot of people think that life is going to change and things are only going to get better. They do in fact, but those that think they’re just going to walk into a better life because they were awesome in high school usually have a very rude awakening coming. On the night after graduation many people come to find out that life isn’t what they thought it was going to be, and that nothing they believed was possible is going to come true without a great deal of hard work.

2. American Pie- Semi-Charmed Life

The movies would have you believe that high school is about sex, misadventures, sex, academics in some part, and of course, more sex. Well, some of it’s right since a lot of teenagers are trying to do what they can to experience what they can during high school so that they don’t graduate and run the risk of being called out for being a virgin or inexperienced enough that they look like fools. But honestly the sexual aspect of high school, yes it does exist, is kind of secondary to the whole aspect of finally reaching that point where you need to grow up finally and start looking at what’s important rather than what’s desired.

1. Yes Man – Jumper

This gets the top spot simply because it was awesome that it worked at all and because, well, it’s not often that you get to hear Jim Carrey on the guitar. That being said it’s also a great scene since it does show a softer side of humanity that does exist but doesn’t choose to show up all that often. Even being scripted in a movie this scene is great since it’s a reminder that we can act like human beings towards one another when we see a person in need of help. That kind of compassion seems a bit rare in the world at this time and to see it in a movie is inspirational enough that it might make people want to practice it in real life.

I want, something else, to get me through this life.

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