The Best Uses of Tori Kelly Songs in Movies or TV

Tori Kelly is a good example of what to do when one avenue is blocked off and you want to continue with your career since while she’s performed beautifully since she started trying to land a career there were moments when she didn’t quite live up to the fame she wanted and just barely got edged out by others that were just a little more skilled. However she didn’t stop or feel the need to quit because she got knocked back a bit, she kept on moving forward and switched gears a couple of times until she finally found the audience she’d wanted and really got her career on track. Some people might not agree that cover songs are truly a talent since the individual isn’t coming up with any new material, but the argument is somewhat invalid since the artists still need to be able to sing in order to make themselves noticeable by others.

Here are some of her songs as they’ve been used in TV and movies.

5. Jimmy Kimmel Live! – Funny

Talk shows are a great way for artists to come out and showcase what they can do since if they do well then it’s a good look for the show and them at the same time. There have been well-established singers and bands that have flopped on stage and proven that they might have talent but didn’t display it at the right time, but when someone that’s not as well known can get the crowd on their side and keep it there then it’s obvious that they were a good choice for that evening. Late night talk shows are kind of hit and miss when it comes to the material they give and the musicians they welcome in, but Tori has proven to be one that many of them benefit from.

4. Mickey’s 90th Spectacular – Colors of the Wind

Can you believe it’s been 90 years for the house of mouse? That alone is amazing, but the fact that they’ve been in business and come to dominate so much is even more so. The Colors of the Wind is a great song that Tori obviously didn’t come up with as she would have been a bit young, about 3 years old in fact, but it’s still a great song that has a lot of heart and feeling to it despite whatever critics might say. Singing at this bash would have been a great honor as well as something that a lot of people would remember since it’s not every day that a company like Disney celebrates this kind of milestone. Just wait and see what happens in another 10 years.

3. Sing – Don’t You Worry Bout A Thing

Sing was the kind of movie that hits you squarely in the feels and makes it evident that you share a little more than you think with at least one or more of the characters. Mina had so much going for her when it came to her voice, but she was so terrified to sing in front of others that it often didn’t come out as more than a whisper. When Moon finally got her to open up however and let everyone realize the kind of talent she was holding back and just how great her voice could be. And at one point she literally brought a part of the house down, but since it was all in good fun people absolutely loved it.

2. Sunday Brunch – Lullaby

There’s something out there about how music can aid in the digestion, but obviously it doesn’t mean all music. This isn’t something you would think of seeing on a food show normally but it could be that this program thrives on being different from the others and as a result likes to bring people on that can liven it up just a bit. There have been a few artists on this show it seems and very little ever seems to come of it from a media standpoint, as though it’s a private little thing that people can tune into if they really want to or ignore if they want. In any case it’s different and it’s kind of nice.

1. The Ellen Degeneres Show – Hallelujah

This song has been featured in a few different movies and programs but this was the only attempt credited to Tori and it sounds absolutely beautiful since it just rolls off the tongue and into the ether with a grace that speaks highly of the singer and the song itself. It’s one of those songs that some people might ruin simply because they try to keep it too tight and too focused, though it really sounds better when the syllables are just loose enough and the harmony is allowed to flow rather than be allowed to eke out as the singer sees fit.

She’s created quite a career for herself, and the best part is that despite the roadblocks put in her path she didn’t stop.

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