The Best Uses of Zac Brown Band Songs in Movies or TV

The Zac Brown Band seems to have had a pretty stable and ordinary rise as they were founded by Zac and were made into the group they are by means that were more or less ordinary in a lot of ways. But as they’ve been getting better and better throughout their career they’ve continued to rack up nominations and awards as people have taken note of them and heartily approved of their music in many ways. Being featured on soundtracks has seemed to be kind of a hit and miss thing since their music is great but the fact remains that it’s not always going to work out that the movie soundtrack a band is featured on is going to be all that wonderful. In fact sometimes the movie or show might be terrible but the soundtrack stands out as the best part. It’s kind of a toss-up to see if a song gets remembered in that manner.

Here are a few of their songs that have been used in movies and TV.

5. The Do-Over – Tomorrow Never Comes

The Do-Over is one movie that a lot of people seem to wish that Sandler would have never done in the first place. It does have its funny and entertaining moments but for a lot of it there seems to be a big emphasis on him going back to being the manchild he was for so many years before he started taking on more serious roles. The whole idea of him being able to move about as he pleases without any ramifications is kind of confusing throughout the movie and the over the top villains are a bit much. But the soundtrack to the movie was solid and in many was was the best part of the whole thing.

4. Saturday Night Live – Homegrown

There’s really only a few things you have to remember not to do when you’re the featured musical act on SNL, and that includes not making a political statement that offends a great number of people, don’t lip sync to your songs unless it can’t be avoided, and definitely don’t try to aggravate the crowd. Most musicians get this point but there have been those that have slipped up a time or two. The Zac Brown Band thankfully has more than enough talent to come onto any stage and make their songs work for just about anyone. Even if you don’t like all of their songs you can at least enjoy that they know what they’re doing.

3. Trouble with the Curve – Chicken Fried

There’s a couple of things you don’t do with a woman in a bar, and trying to make them dance with you when they’ve already said no is one of them. Women do have a pretty good idea when they’re sober enough of what they want and don’t want. Plus, you never really know if they have someone in the bar that’s looking over them, like a grizzly old duffer for a dad that’ll gladly smash a bottle and then stuff it in your neck for the audacity of grabbing his daughter. You might think that’s a little bit overkill, but it doesn’t matter how old a woman gets, their father, if he’s attentive enough, will cut any guy off if he’s being too forward with his little girl.

2. I Am Number Four – As She’s Walking Away

This movie really suffered because of lack of development. The story and the characters were just fine, it was bringing the whole thing together that needed a lot more explanation and a lot more time spent in development to make it a little tighter and a little easier to receive on the part of the audience. It could have even been a TV show and been much better since it almost felt as though the movie kind of broadsided the audience with everything it had to offer and then ignored the fact that it left them dazed and confused as to what just happened while offering them as little explanation as possible. But the story was good, as were the effects.

1. Zac Brown Band – Tomorrow Never Comes

This has to be one of the few bands in this day and age that hasn’t had to overcome crippling adversity in some way that marks them as a group that has struggled from day one to be accepted or to find the ability to really give the people what they want. There’s no doubt their ascension was anything but easy, but it really does seem as though they didn’t have to fight as hard for it despite having to go down the same road as everyone else when it came to getting signed. But the awards, the nominations, and the lack of any real disharmony seems to have solidified this band into a real unit that isn’t about to break up.

They’re just that good it seems.

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