The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Brooke and Hope Argue

The Bold and the Beautiful fans are shocked that things are going the way that they are. Hope and Liam signed the papers to annul their marriage, and it’s over. There is nothing that they can do, even though Xander interrupted them in the middle of their signing. Their situation is a dire one, and it’s not one that anyone can handle in a way that makes a lot of sense. We know that some people are aware of what is going on, but they are more concerned with their own lives than they are with the lives of those who need them the most. There is too much going on right now to make sense, and we know that Thomas is now aware of the fact that baby Beth is alive, too. And he will not tell Hope. He won’t do it, because he knows that it might jeopardize his own chances with her. She made it clear to him she’s not in this to make a relationship out of their situation, but she will be a mother to his son. It’s a strange situation, but he’s not going to take this from his son.

Meanwhile, we know that Flo and Zoe are going to continue to argue for the rest of their lives. They are forever connected because of this situation, but there is very little they can do to make any changes. They have some issues to move forward with, but they also have some bigger issues to resolve. They are going to get caught as they are making so many people aware of what they know and what they did, and they might just end up being the only friends to one another that they have. No one else is going to forgive them.

What’s Happening on The Bold and the Beautiful

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What’s Next on the Bold and the Beautiful

Thomas is not happy with Flo, and he’s about to accuse her of things that aren’t something he can deal with. He knows the truth about Beth now, and he’s not willing to believe this is the truth. He is sure she is lying to him after she shares this, but we know it to be all true. She is going to be shocked that this is the life that they are leading, and there is nothing we can do but sit back and wonder if there is another way. Can they figure this out? Can they make this work? Can they focus on anything other than the fact that this situation is not what it was meant to be, and it is not what they meant to happen? She is telling the truth, and it will not take him much longer to realize that for himself. Will he, however, be able to make this situation work in his favor? He might just try.

Brooke and Hope are going to argue again. Brooke is not happy with her daughter for annulling her marriage, but it’s too late. She wanted her daughter to focus on being married and happy with Liam, but Hope doesn’t feel it is the right thing to do. Their marriage wasn’t strong enough for her to make it work, and that is just what it is in their life. They are not going to have much else to say about this, but we do know it might work in their favor eventually.

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