The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Hope And Steffy Continue to Disagree

The Bold and the Beautiful did not disappoint last week, but we need to quickly recap that before you get into a new week with new drama. For one, we all got to see the things that happened with everyone around here unfold. Reese kissed Taylor after he told his daughter that he might have feelings for her and after Taylor unloaded some of her worries and personal feelings on him. She liked it. He liked it. They like one another, but she’s worried. She is worried because Brooke is not letting this go. She caught her alone with Baby Kelly and all but lost her mind. She’s not the baby’s grandmother, but she’s trying to make sure that Taylor knows she will do anything she can to keep her from this baby as much as possible. She wants to tell her sisters what is going on, and that caused her to argue with her own daughter.

Hope doesn’t think her mother should share this story anymore. She feels that her mother should keep this to herself and not say another word, but you know Brooke. She’s not happy, and she feels that all people should be just as miserable as she is miserable when it all comes down to it. Pam and Quinn continue to fight as Pam continues to try and break up that marriage and make sure Eric ends up with Donna. Hope and Liam had a baby naming situation that they couldn’t decide on, and other people just cannot get it together. It was a week, but we think that things will calm down a bit as the holiday approaches. If anyone can get along for a moment, it’s this family on a holiday week. They seem to get that together, at least.

What’s Happening on the Bold and the Beautiful

If this doesn’t take your Monday to a whole new level, we just are not on the same page in any way. We are loving all of this, and there is nothing you can say to us that will change our minds about this situation. Please, bring us more!

What’s Next on the Bold and the Beautiful

We are going to get a little bit of good out of some people before the holidays arrive, and that is Wyatt and Sally. We don’t feel that we get nearly enough of them and all their happiness, but we suppose it’s because they are not dramatic enough for anyone. We, however, totally love them and all that they have to offer everyone in this situation. They are such a great couple with so much promise, and we just don’t know that we can get over them. But we hear that they are going to do some yoga together, and during their yoga session they will express their love for one another. We like that, and we don’t have many issues with that at all. But for now, we have to get our situation together and move on.

There’s still drama to be had in other houses. One of those houses is with Hope and Steffy. They are still fighting, and we are not surprised. They have a lot to argue about with Hope trying to be too involved in situations that Steffy doesn’t feel she needs to be involved in. And then there is Brooke, who is in the middle of all of it. Liam, however, is the one who will suffer the most. He’s going to have two babies with each of these women, and he will always be in the middle of them and their issues. He doesn’t like it, and he cannot help it with all the people who continue to interfere in his relationships.

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