The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Hope Tries to End Her Marriage

The Bold and the Beautiful fans are just as surprised as Liam and Steffy that Hope is trying so hard to push them to be together. She’s not really in a good place in her own life, and she’s been spending most of her time focused on doing things that aren’t really normal for a wife. For one, she’s been pushing Liam to spend more time with Steffy and his daughter, and she’s been pushing him to include Steffy’s new baby in his life as a daughter. It’s his own daughter’s new sister, after all, and Hope loves to spend time with that baby, too. It’s all very interesting for everyone, and things are not going well for her. But Hope is not herself, and they know that. Steffy and Liam are shocked she’s pushing them together, and they are very worried for her.

Wyatt, on the other hand, is very happy for things in his life. He’s back to working for his father after negotiating to have Spectra reopened and the fashion line reintroduced with Sally at the helm. She’s so excited and so touched he would to do that for her, and he is so happy that his father did it. He’s in the middle of trying to be a new man, and that includes being goo to his sons and doing things that he feels are right for them. But we don’t know how much of that will really work in his favor in the near future. After all, he’s been working very hard on getting Katie back, too, and if that falls apart, will he be the same new man or will he go back to the Bill we all know and love…to hate?

What’s Happening on Bold and the Beautiful

We just cannot wait to see her take her role in this show and turn it to magic.

What’s Next on Bold and the Beautiful

Wyatt and Sally are currently living their best lives, and we cannot handle that. They are so good for one another, and they are in the middle of the best time of their lives. He’s managed to find a way to get her what she wants in life while also getting what he wants in life, and they are so happy together. Their relationship is calm and cool, it’s not riddled with drama, and they are living a life that makes them happy and fulfilled. We love them. They are the best people we’ve ever met in the entire world in terms of a great feeling on this show. And they are sharing an even closer than ever kind of moment on the show. Perhaps this will be a big turning point for them. We love that.

There is nothing we want more than for Hope to learn to live her life again with some kind of happiness in it. We know what she’s gone through is the most horrible thing in the world, but she’s pushing her husband to be with his ex-wife and the mother of his first daughter, and he’s going to lose her. She’s looking for them to just be together. We think she wants to see this new baby and his first baby have a father. She wants them to have a loving home with two parents, and she’s looking to send them into one another’s arms to make that happen. She’s not looking to lose her husband, but she’s also not happy.

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