The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Will Katie’s Plan Backfire?

The Bold and the Beautiful fans are not sure what Shauna will do. She is feeling some things for Bill, she is loving this new life she is living, and she is loving her swank new digs thanks to the fact that her daughter happens to be a Logan. The entire family is turning to her to welcome her and make her feel like part of the family. They are just sad that she had to grow up and not know their father, and they are sad that she didn’t get to grow up with all the wealth and all the money and the things that it afforded them. And, as a default, they are welcoming Shauna right into the family as well. And she is loving her new life. She’s got money, she’s got prestige, and she is getting the best of the best. But her daughter’s new sister is now asking her to back off of Bill so that Katie can get him back, and she’s not sure.

She likes Bill, and she likes the idea of being a Spencer in the future. She likes the idea of being rich and famous and wealthy and getting all that it comes with. She doesn’t want to back off from Bill, but she also doesn’t want to upset her daughter’s new sisters and ruin her chances of being part of this family. She is also working hard to make sure that her daughter keeps the secret about the baby. Shauna will not have her own new life taken from her before she gets to enjoy it thanks to the fact that her daughter kidnapped a baby and lied about it and gave it away. She’s also not backing off of Bill, but maybe she will. We don’t know.

What’s Happening on Bold and the Beautiful

He’s making Monday look good.

What’s Next on the Bold and the Beautiful

Brooke has asked her sister, Katie, and Flo’s mother, Shauna, to help her out with Kate’s new life. They want to test Bill to make sure that he is loyal to Katie, but we also have a feeling that this is not going to go well. We know that Shauna is into Bill. We know that she doesn’t want to upset her new family, either, so this might be something she enjoys more than she is willing to admit. She is being given a free pass to move in on Bill and see if he is loyal to Katie, and we have a feeling that this will not go the way that Brooke or Katie want to see it go. Shauna, however, will love it. But, she will begin to have more feelings for him, and this will probably turn into something that she wishes it would not. It puts her in a bad place, and it puts them all in a bad place.

But, there is more. We also know that Justin is always going to be Bill’s right hand man, and he has some new information for him about someone by the name of Sky, which might bring some answers he has been looking for. But, who will pay for what he finds out at this point? Will this information help him find out if this baby is really something that she is not? Because no matter what this is about, we have a feeling that he will end up with answers and information about the baby that Steffy adopted, and this will turn into something else.

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