The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Will Steffy Leave for Good?

The Bold and the Beautiful fans are not amused by many things. For one, we are all tired of the fact that we are seeing Zoe and Flo continue to go back and forth with their situation. They want to tell Hope and Liam and Steffy the truth about this little baby girl, but they don’t want to get Reese in trouble or be in trouble themselves. It’s getting a little old and tedious watching them discuss this like it’s their job, and we are ready for them to take some action and do the right thing. They are watching the lives of at least three adults unravel in front of them, and one of them is actually leaving town as a whole because she feels that her presence is a problem for everyone who is there. She’s trying to save a marriage that Hope and Liam aren’t even sure they want to save at this point.

And then there is Taylor, who cannot stay out of her daughter’s life. She wants her to continue to try and fight for Liam, who she gave up by her own choice months ago. She was tired of being his second choice – though we always think that she is his first choice and he’s just confused – and she wasn’t going to be one of three people in this relationship anymore. She decided to have some self-respect and get of this situation, and everyone else decided to make that hard on her. Her own mother should respect her decision to be on her own and make her own life choices, but she’d rather see her daughter with a man who is only with her for the point of being with their child. It’s disturbing, and we are glad she’s sticking to her original plan. She’s stronger.

What’s Happening on the Bold and the Beautiful

That’s a long time, but we cannot wait to see it all unfold!

What’s Next on the Bold and the Beautiful

Will Steffy really leave the city and move her family away? We don’t know if there is anything else that will happen for her, but we know she will be back. We all know, realistically, that she is only taking the babies and leaving temporarily so that she can help Hope and Liam keep their marriage intact. But, the actress herself just gave birth to her first child, a son, and she is on maternity leave. So while we know she will leave, we also know she will be back. And we also know that her brother is back in town, too, and Thomas is causing some problems because of that. Bill is feeling terrible about what he did to him months ago, Sally is not happy to see him back, and we are all waiting on things to fall apart for Wyatt and Sally.

They are so happy together, but suddenly his ex-girlfriend and high school sweetheart is in town and she’s interested in him. Her own ex is back in town, and they have some issues, too. Will these two newbies make it difficult for this couple that we’ve all come to love and want to see succeed so much? Will they show them struggle to make that work for them? Will they be able to fix what is going on in their life before it becomes a problem, or will they have more issues to work with than we can imagine as a whole? We are not sure, but we do hope that they can fix their issues and let things go.

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