The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: How Close are Katie and Thorne?

The Bold and the Beautiful fans are watching things unfold for Katie and Thorne. They’re going slow, but they’re going. We can see it all happening right in front of us, especially when they make every plan in the books to get together so that they can discuss what is going on with Hope. The threat against her is very real, but she can handle herself as well as allow people like her mother and father handle it all for her. But in the moment, she’s just sitting back enjoying the fact that she can steal Liam from Steffy if she gets a little cunning and mean about it – this pregnancy makes it very possible for her. But right now Katie and Thorne continue to spend as much time together as possible so they can figure out what is going on, so they can make things happen for themselves, and so they can help their lives get back on track. They are on the rebound, and we see it happening.

We also see that Emma is clearly very upset about what’s going on with Xander. He opened up to her, but that certainly does not change the fact that they have a lot to discuss and talk about, and they have to get their lives together to make things happen for themselves. We think there is a lot happening here, and we think that they have a good chance at making their situation change for the better. We are hoping they can make some changes, but she’s just spending her time worrying about him, and we can clearly see she has no idea that Zoe is right there in their shadows just watching and making sure it all works out to her advantage. There is nothing else she can do at this point, but we expect she will try.

What’s Happening on The Bold and the Beautiful

Fans cannot get enough of Wyatt and Sally. We’ve been waiting a long time to see Wyatt find some love with a girl that doesn’t really need his mother to eliminate all the other men from her life, and this is it. Unless, of course, we see that Quinn was in New York City doing something to make sure Thomas didn’t stay with Sally so that she would come home and randomly meet her son in a bar – we wouldn’t put it past her. But fans are loving this, and they can’t keep quiet!

What’s Next on the Bold and the Beautiful

Sally wants to be here. She wants this job, and she wants to spend her time working, getting done what she needs to get done, and she wants to spend her free time with Wyatt and perhaps getting back at Bill in some way. Working for the competition, sleeping with this son, that might all work for her in terms of getting back at him, but right now she has to get Hope out of her way. She’s not happy that Sally is there, and there seems to be nothing that Sally can do about it. She’s working so hard to please Hope, but it’s just not working. They all still think that Sally is the one who is threatening her and making her life totally miserable, and it’s just not something we think is true at all. But for now, she’s going to continue to try and please her the best she can.

And then there is the fact that Thorne and Katie refuse to look anywhere else at any other possible suspects or leads. They are hellbent and making the decision that this is all Sally and that Hope only needs to worry about her, but we think that there is more to worry about. They need to get their personal feelings for one another on the table so they can actually focus on Hope’s safety rather their overwhelming personal tension for one another. This is not going to end well with them focused more on the time they spend together.

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