The Boondocks 3.03 “The Red Ball” Review

Before my fingers could hit the keys of my keyboard, I got texts and IMs about how last night’s “The Boondocks” pailed in comparison to the first two hard hitting outings from the past two weeks. I had to replay the episode due to me laughing hysterically at the bloodiest game of kickball I have ever seen played and missing any hidden message McGruder was probably throwing at us this week. During the second viewing, I managed to pick up some nuggets of a message hidden behind the kickball plot, but then I sat down and thought for a good minute on two other thoughts that manifested themselves into my assessment of the episode. These secondary thought impulses, along with my original notion of the episode, combined to form three different ways I felt that I could come at “The Red Ball.”

1) Satire on Tensions Between The U.S. and China

The whole set up at the beginning of the episode between Mr. Wuncler and Mr. Do, and even throughout the rest of the episode, dripped of culture clash that could be seen as a mirror to the age old rivalry between the two nationalities. The rest of the episode played on this theme on infinite levels, but it could prove fruitless trying to tie all the snippets thrown about here and there in the episode to come up with a concise theory. I could be oh so wrong and will be the first to admit it if brought to my attention.

2) The Ugly Side of Capitalism

In that same scene at the beginning, Mr. Do mentioned Mr. Wuncler as being one of the few business people who got a bail out from the government. Then later Wuncler mentioned how he bet the entire financial futures of the residents of Woodcrest on a simple game of kickball. Sounds a little like the homeowners crisis doesn’t it? You know… Gambling money you don’t really have? Seems like McGruder had something to say there…

3) It Is What It Is…

Which is just a fun entertaining episode for us to laugh our asses off at and for McGruder to really show off his love of anime. The scene between Huey and Ming in the forest was a nice little homage to anime epics from the small details of the sudden gust of wind that is followed by pans and tilts; to the dialogue, which seemed to have come out of an episode of “Naruto” or “Dragonball” to name a few. And did you NOT see that Kickball game?!?!? That mofo was serious on an epical scope. I have to say kudos to McGurder for converging anime and kickball, turning both into one memorable game of kickball that solidified the game as a bona fide blood sport in my eyes from now on.

So, was the episode weak? Not at all. I think we look for “The Boondocks” to have a huge, deeper meaning behind each episode, but sometimes the meaning isn’t as glaring and takes a back seat to the story at hand. This could be one of those episodes, which is just good, “clean”, American fun.

What did you guys think?


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