‘The Deep End’ Dropped by ABC

The Deep End was a day late from becoming the first new show of 2010 to be cancelled. Instead, that honor went to FOX’s Past Life, which bit the proverbial bullet due to low ratings. A similar fate has afflicted ABC’s attempt at Grey’s Anatomy with lawyers.

The series began on January 21 with only 7 million viewers; not a strong debut by any stretch of the imagination. It didn’t quite lose viewers as quickly as Past Life did, and only dropped a million with its second episode. By episode three, the series had dropped another million viewers, and things just weren’t looking good for a second season, or even a full first season, despite a slight gain in viewers for the first episode. Episode five’s drop to an embarassing 4.26 million sealed The Deep End‘s fate, and ABC quickly cancelled the series, which had steadily been named the fourth most watched series in its Thursday timeslot.

For those of you wanting closure for the attorneys at Sterling, Huddle, Oppenheim, & Craft, you’re unfortunately out of luck. Unlike Past Life, ABC has not announced intentions to burn off the rest of the series at a later date. Instead, next week’s episode, “White Lies, Black Ties,” will be the series finale, bringing The Deep End‘s episode count to six. The finale will air February 25.

In the meantime, what do you think will be dropped next? It’s a good possibility that ABC will nix two more shows before long. Scrubs, a half-hour medical sitcom that recently underwent a drastic change in characters and setting for its ninth season, has been looked at for cancellation for a while, with each episode garnering around three million viewers. Sophomore comedy Better Off Ted, while critically lauded, is being considered “on the bubble,” despite having kept ratings on par with its first season, if not a little higher.

What do you think? Is the Deep End‘s end a shape of things to come? Should we expect more and more cancellations in the coming weeks?

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