Here’s What “The Enemy of the State” Cast is Up to Today

Enemy of the State is the kind of movie that might set the hairs on the back of your neck on end since it has a lot to do with surveillance and how much of it the government gets to use to spy on people that they suspect are involved in espionage and other activities. The movie takes place in modern times obviously and has more to do with the murder of a US senator that won’t go along with a certain bill, prompting Reynolds to kill him using his own henchmen to do it. What they don’t known until it’s too late unfortunately is that a nature observer managed to catch the murder on a hidden camera that was set to watch the migratory patterns of Canadian geese. Once they figure out just what’s going on however the chase is on in full swing and Robert Dean only gets wound up in the mess since he’s in the right place at the wrong time, or vice versa depending on how you look at it. The astounding capabilities of the tech in this movie makes it easy to worry about just what the government can do and how capable they are of tracking down anyone, anywhere, at any time.

A part of your brain wants to believe that they don’t operate on this level but you can’t help thinking that some of it might be real. That being said, here’s what’s been going on with the cast ever since the movie was released.

Jake Busey – Krug

Krug was basically just another government thug brought in to give chase to Dean, but he did manage to spark off the confrontation that wound up killing a bunch of people, himself included, in the ending battle. After this Busey has managed to stay busy right up until now, when he’s expected to be making his way to the show Stranger Things for season 3. He’s had a few decent roles onscreen but nothing so major that he’s been seen as anything other than a great supporting actor.

Scott Caan – Jones

Caan was another guy that was just there for the chase and not much else. He’s played a number of roles since this movie and has turned into a pretty big success. In fact only a year after this he took on the role of Tweeder in Varsity Blues and kind of immortalized himself before moving on with his career.

Seth Green – Selby

There’s almost no need to say but I will anyway, Seth Green has become one of the most successful men on this list. Before this movie and after he’s been so busy that it’s a wonder if he’s actually slept more than a couple of days in a row since beginning his career. This was something of a minor role for him to be honest, but considering everything he’s done that’s hardly an insult. Here’s just one random clip from something he’s done since the movie.

Jamie Kennedy – Jamie

Things didn’t go so well for Jamie after the first two scream movies. He got to play the lovable but eccentric character of Randy and then he just kind of started being ushered to the back as a supporting character and even an extra. But it was when he tried to take on the character of the Mask that things really went south.

Tom Sizemore – Paulie Pintero

He wouldn’t have been a character worth much mention but he turned out to be the solution to Robert’s problem in the end. Tom has been seen in numerous shows and movies and has been super busy in the years since this movie. The thing is, he went uncredited for this film for some reason. But when he’s starring in so many other films it seems that he could just let this one go.

Regina King – Carla Dean

Regina has been quite active since her role in this movie and has even taken on the title of director since then as well. She hasn’t done quite as many movies as some of the actors but considering that she’s now behind the camera there could be a reason for it.

Lisa Bonet – Rachel F. Banks

If you recognized her as one of the Cosby kids then you’re absolutely right. She didn’t do a whole lot of movies after this but she did continue onward in TV. While she wasn’t in the film for all that long she was still a rather vital character.

Jason Lee – Daniel Zavitz

You might be wondering why he was added when others weren’t, but it’s mostly because he’s one of those that’s had a rather interesting career after this movie. Between My Name is Earl, Alvin and the Chipmunks, and his various works with director Kevin Smith, it’s safe to say that he’s had a rather busy career.

Jon Voight – Thomas Brian Reynolds

Voight has done enough that he’s a legend in the industry, but you don’t often hear about him these days despite all that he’s done. Really the most impressive role that I can think of was as Howard Cosell in the film Ali.

Gene Hackman – Edward Lyle

This movie came kind of close to the end of Hackman’s career as an actor. But in 2004 he decided to retire from acting to become a full-time author, which seems to have been treating him well as of late. But he has his roles that were particularly fun to watch, like this one in Runaway Jury.

Will Smith – Robert Dean

You don’t even need to ask what Will Smith has done in the wake of Enemy of the State since you can see it pretty plainly. He’s been very front and center about his career. But one clip stands out it seems above the rest when it comes to him changing things up, and it comes from The Pursuit of Happyness.

So as you can see, most of them have been pretty busy, and Enemy of the State was just another movie on their resume.

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