The Final LOST Poster – Clues for Season 6?

A while ago, ABC commissioned various artists to create posters for various important scenes throughout the series. Last night, the final poster was revealed at a show, attended by Lindelof, Cuse and others. According to Lindelof and Cuse, the final poster apparently contains two clues for season 6 of LOST.

The final poster will be sold via this website (it’s not yet available, but should be soon). All of the other posters had a limited print run and have apparently been sold out.

So the question is, what do you think the clues are in the final poster (below)? According to a story by The ODI [highlight for small spoiler] the showrunners pointed to the burning ankh in Hurley’s hand as one clue. Can you figure out what the other is? Every major character (including, I think, all of the original Losties) are contained in the final poster. Click on the poster below to view a larger version.


I’ve also included all of the other 15 posters below for you to go through.

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