The Five Best Alien Movies from 2000-2010

Maybe it’s because humans want to think that they have a chance to stand on equal footing with aliens, but the movies from the 2000s concerning aliens seem to have balanced out slightly despite the fact that aliens are still seen as stronger, enigmatic, and in many ways so much smarter than humans could ever be. But for all that humans are still backwater mud-dwellers compared to many alien species and it takes a very select number of them to prove that humanity has some worth and that we’re able to stand up and be the part of a solution that can bring aliens and humans together. In many cases humans and aliens just don’t seem to get along since our ideals are either way too different or there is just too much divisiveness among the human race to really bring anything overtly positive to the table.

Here are some of the best alien movies from the 2000s.

5. Signs

A lot of people lambasted this movie since it didn’t seem to offer up the aliens on a silver platter from the start. You had to wonder what they looked like for a while and even had to wonder just what in the world they were doing. That they were scouting the earth wasn’t too hard to figure out, but for what purpose and why they were in certain locations was hard to imagine. But once you learn that water is basically like acid to them you can understand why they’d pick the open farmland and anywhere that’s well away from big bodies of water. Just imagine these aliens trying to take out a coastal city, the invasion would be halted the moment they showed their faces.

4. Alien vs. Predator

This was anticipated for years before it finally came around since both the Predator and Aliens were great movies from the start and in the books it’s been shown that they’ve interacted for longer than human history can even speak of. But in this film allowing them to collide shows that as strong and as tough as the predators are, the xenomorphs are still able to take the edge since the predators are trophy hunters and do this for sport, where the xenomorphs will gladly fight to the death simply because it’s in their DNA. When the last surviving predator and human band together to take on the queen however it becomes something much greater since there is a decidedly great amount of respect between two survivors that eclipses any need for hatred.

3. District 9

The prawns simply got stuck where they were, no matter that they were seemingly in the wrong place at the wrong time. In the film some of them seem to have accepted that their fate is just what it is and can’t be changed, but at least a couple of them are actively trying to get their ship operational so that they can return to wherever they came from. But of course humans can’t let things lie just like that since anything in our way tends to be viewed as an obstruction that needs to be removed rather than understood. Even when we try to understand a lot of us will still make the attempt to just move the unwanted and undesired presence out of our way.

2. Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

Xenophobia is a big problem in Star Wars but it’s usually something that doesn’t factor into a lot of situations since aliens are a commonality in this universe and are a big part of how things work. In many ways humans are aliens that tend to spread from one world to another like a virus, upsetting one culture after another it would seem. But for all that the galaxy does run on a stunning blend of alien species that makes everything work in some kind of order that is hard to see at times. After all, just about everything in Star Wars is composed of a level of diversity that is simply amazing considering that some species just don’t get along.

1. Avatar

This movie goes to show, like a few others, that humans are not always the good guys. Pandora was a world untouched by human influence and it might have been better off for that since the moment humans came to the world they began to be disruptive and destructive in ways that not only upset the indigenous people, but forced them to go on the offensive as well. There is such a thing as coming to a world and asking if it’s okay to do something or seeking permission to share in a culture or the resources, but that’s not usually the human way it would seem, at least not in the movies.

Aliens are giving ground in the movies, but they’re taking a much as they give a lot of times.

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