The Five Best Billie Eilish Songs of Her Career

So far in her career Billie Eilish has yet to really see much of anything come of her career, though listening to her music it seems as though it might be soon enough that she could be seen as someone that’s worth the attention since one of her videos has gone viral and she does seem to have a wealth of talent that could be extremely marketable as well as meaningful for those that want to listen. Having come out in 2015 she’s been on the scene for just a few years, but that’s enough to have released several tracks that could put her in the drivers seat if her fan base comes through for her. She has confirmed that she does have Tourette syndrome, though this hasn’t stopped her from performing and doing what she can to kick start a career that might be just what she needs to get noticed.

Here are five of her best songs so far.

5. Copycat

So far it really sounds like she has a sort of 90s apathetic feel that’s mixed with the current lingo of the day, and it seems to work on a level that might actually speak to the younger generations that are currently growing up in this current era. It’s a bit of an odd video since she doesn’t seem to move at all and there’s definitely some imagery that has been used to make the song a little more potent in its message. The only thing about this is that it’s uncertain whether or not a lot of people are going to get the imagery and what it really means. She’s on the edge in terms of speaking out, but her message definitely seems to speak to a certain age group.

4. Idontwannabeyouanymore

One has to wonder just how much her Tourette syndrome really affects her performance. But given that what’s been seen so far is that she has minor tics that are related to the syndrome it does seem as though it might not be such a big issue. So far in the videos she’s put out it would be hard to tell if she’s experiencing them at all. Given how so many performers move and how they present themselves in any given video it would be easy to say that she has it as under control as she can, and perhaps if anything does happen that she doesn’t meant to do it simply gets incorporated into the act as a whole.

3. Bellyache

One thing Billie seems to do a lot of is rely on imagery to get her point across. Whether the average viewer is going to be able to decipher what they’re seeing is always a question, but the use of bright and strong colors is definitely something she likes to do. Whether it’s her her decision or that of the director is hard to say since it would seem that some artists get at least a small amount of input into what goes into a video. Ultimately though it’s usually dependent on the shared vision of the artist and the director. In this manner we get some odd videos sometimes, but many of them are still visually striking.

2. When The Party’s Over

In some way it feels that if Billie Eilish is still around and has found her fame and ridden it to the peak that she’ll look back on these videos and wonder just what she was doing and how much her voice has changed in the years since. So many artists start out in a manner that is provocative, inspiring, and ultimately filled with images and ideas that some might have trouble seeing at first, but ultimately ascribe meaning to based on the ideals they were trying to hold to at the time. In another decade if she’s still around it will be interesting to see what she she has to say about these songs and videos.

1. Lovely

One thing you can say about Billie is that she’s not bush-league and she’s not someone that doesn’t belong where she’s at right now. She’s got a beautiful voice and a very interesting look that seems to be capable of carrying her a ways if she keeps up with the ideals that she’s been pushing thus far. Whether those ideals are going to make the transition to adulthood is yet to be seen, but it’s always an interesting thought to keep close at hand since if they do then she could turn out to be one of the more innovative thinkers of a new generation that might continue to change the landscape of the music industry. It’d be an interesting thing to see if she held to this practice, and if she didn’t compromise when it came to her music in the future.

She’s got talent, now we need to see if she’s going to stick to her guns or compromise as so many do.

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