The Five Best Christmas Movies from 2000-2010

It’s kind of fun to see how the Christmas movies change with each passing decade, but from the 80s to the present day not a whole lot has really undergone a tremendous shift in terms of the consumer satisfaction that comes from the many different forms of entertainment that are to be had when the holiday season arrives. The movies change every so often to accommodate the current trends in society, but the underlying concepts that drive the movies tend to remain the same. Christmas is after all a time of giving, of spending time with family, and for enjoying the warm and companionable feelings that we’d like to feel all year but just don’t have the energy for. This one time out of the year we sit down to watch movies that remind us just what it means to be nice to one another, and we get a good giggle out of it too if we’re lucky.

Here are some of the best Christmas movies from the early 2000s.

5. Bad Santa

Willie is not a good person. That’s plain and simple and to the point since it’s the honest to goodness truth. But being a department store Santa does mean that he has access to the store’s safe and since he is one of the best safe-crackers around his skills are kind of invaluable. The only problem is that he drinks, he smokes, and he’s an all-around miserable human being that doesn’t even bother to hide the fact that he’s a louse and a degenerate, which makes the job all that much harder since by the time the first kid is off his lap he’s already got mall security looking at him funny and wondering if there’s a reason to fire him.

4. The Holiday

Sometimes you just need to find a place that’s not where you’re currently at and discover a new meaning to your life without anyone to interfere. In this film two women decide to swap homes for a while and end up finding new lives that they can fully acclimate to and have a good time in the process. Of course eventually they do have to go back to their old lives but in the process they discover that they’ve found what they were missing and find that they can’t just dump the experience as something that happened on a vacation. As you can guess both women enter into new and fulfilling relationships and find just what they needed.

3. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

No one was really certain what to expect when Jim Carrey took over the role of the Grinch, but what we got was something that was quite over the top and amazing at the same time. There were a good number of things in this movie that only adults and adolescents might understand, but it was still made in a way that kids could fully enjoy it and get into the whole aspect of the Grinch and his absolute disgust with Christmas. Taking a longer look at the Who’s as well was a good idea since it fleshed out the story and made it far easier for people to relate to the characters and enjoy the whole idea of what Christmas is really about.

2. Elf

Somehow, beyond all probability, Elf became a cult classic as far as Christmas movies go and has been one of the favorites every year since it was released. Buddy is a human that was raised among the elves of the North Pole when he accidentally crawled into Santa’s bag during one of the big guy’s deliveries. Eventually he makes his way back to the human world in an attempt to find his father, a very prominent businessman, who doesn’t believe for a second that Buddy is his son. But when the two start to bond things start to look up as Buddy not only gets to experience what it’s like to have a family, but he gets to help Santa out when he really needs him too.

1. The Polar Express

Dig back into your past and try to remember what it was like to feel the sheer anticipation of what Christmas Eve brought. The agonizing wait to go to sleep, the hope and the joy that you might wake to find a few extra presents under the tree from Santa, and the hope that you’d been good enough. The Polar Express is all about reminding kids of the magic that goes into the holiday and the importance of the belief that is needed for such things to survive. The main character is a rather cynical young boy that doesn’t believe, at least until he is picked up by the Polar Express and, along with several other kids, shown the truth of the North Pole.

We believe what we want because we want to, not because we have to.

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