The Five Best Drew Barrymore Movies of Her Career

Despite her valley-girl attitude and look Drew Barrymore is someone that’s had a considerably harder life than many of those that might call themselves valley girls since her fame came early and in the wake of it she was known to have a rather busy nightlife before most kids would even think of doing anything other than staying up a little later than their parents would allow. Smoking, drinking, drugs, and partying were a big part of her young life and eventually saw her head to rehab at a very young age and be emancipated at the age of 14. Once she started getting sober however her career really started hitting a lot major high notes, and at this point in her life she’s one of the most well-known stars that people adore since she’s made some of the best movies of the last few decades.

Here are just a few movies that can be labeled among the best of her career.

5. Scream

Okay, so you could argue that this isn’t really a Drew Barrymore movie, but her death did set the pace for the film since it’s rare to see something like this happen to someone that you figure is going to be a big part of the movie. After all it’s very fair to say that she was a big draw for the movie since she was featured so prominently on the posters and was used to hype it up quiet a bit. But seeing as how she got killed in the first act, before the actual beginning of the movie even started, was surprising and innovative enough to actually warrant putting it on the list since you don’t expect her character to get taken out so quickly.

4. The Wedding Singer

Julia is the woman that wants that fairy tale ending and someone to grow old with but she’s willing to settle for a man that treats her with some measure of indifference but is handsome, financially stable, and will make her the envy of just about every woman around. The only problem is that she would probably be the running joke in whatever group her fiance hangs with since she had no idea that he was cheating on her to begin with and probably wouldn’t have suspected much, or spoken up about it, if she had married him. Thankfully she did find a man that she was compatible with and was able to truly fall for in this movie, a guy that lets her be herself instead of trying to change her so often.

3. Ever After

Danielle is the kind of strong woman that challenges everything around her in one way or another but with enough grace to know when to back off or when to let her words sink in rather than continuing her tirade. She’s also the type that doesn’t often see the beauty that she holds inside and out, and has to be coerced by those that care about her to really embrace the moments she’s given. When she and Henry meet she’s not about to let the prince steal her family’s horse, though upon finding out who he is she fully expects to be punished. Yet when Henry comes to realize that he’s in love with her, it becomes evident that her ability to speak her mind has in effect changed his way of seeing the world for good.

2. E.T. the Extraterrestrial

Well how else would you react upon seeing an alien in your house if you were a small girl? Some might think it was cool, others might even just go running away, but Drew’s character absolutely lost her mind, right up until her brother explained what was going on and why ET was sticking around. The whole movie is perhaps one of the most benevolent extraterrestrial experiences ever captured in movies, but of course then the human government has to come in and make a mess of things and serve as the bad guys. As a cinematic experience though many people have watched ET at one point in their lives and been blown away.

1. Firestarter

When you have a child that throws temper tantrums it’s bad enough since it can be kind of embarrassing and even humiliating in public. But when you have a child who can create fire and lob flaming projectiles at people when she’s in a bad mood then it becomes absolutely horrifying. The worst part about this is that in the book someone actually goes on to explain that if she truly grew into her powers and was allowed to harness them in such a way as to cause a maximum amount of damage she could crack the world in half if she so desired. That kind of power in the hands of anyone is scary, but in the hands of a young girl that didn’t have full control of her emotions yet it would be absolutely devastating.

Drew Barrymore has been a favorite of many for a long, long time now.

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