The Five Best Dustin Lynch Songs of His Career

Dustin Lynch, a Nashville native, seems like the kind of guy that is quite talented when it comes to music but for some reason over the years put it down to pick up other interests only to come back to it again, kind of like an itch that one just has to scratch. He actually thought about going into medical school in college but chose music instead, leaving a person to think that he wasn’t quite convinced which way he wanted to go until he finally settled on a music career. Whether it’s because the gift of music came so easily, more so than anything else, or because he just wanted to see what else was out there, Dustin just didn’t seem to have the full-on drive to be a country star until he really started digging in and playing in a local cafe that was close to his college and learned the intricacies of the craft. From that point he created a band and really turned what he loved into a career that would eventually take him further than anything else might have.

Here are a few of his best songs.

5. Mind Reader

Whether it’s a trend or just something pervasive in music the love song is something that never seems to go out of style. Think about it, a lot of people tend to think of music as a means of getting the attention of those they fancy. It’s a medium that seems to drive a lot of people crazy in a good way and allows them to speak to the hidden parts of a person that don’t get a lot of attention in the day to day workings of the average individual. Whether one’s a mind reader when it comes to understanding just what kind of music is going to get to a person and make them a little more malleable in terms of their emotions, or whether they’re just lucky, it’s usually a good bet that music of any sort is going to get their attention.

4. Seein’ Red

Most of the time when you talk about ‘seeing red’ it usually means that you’re angry beyond words and are a rather dangerous person to be around. But it would seem that seeing red brings up a different set of emotions for Lynch since it sounds a lot more amorous thanks to this song. One thing you can tell is that he’s a lot more of a romantic than a rager which seems to fit well with his style of music and singing. Country music used to seem like a lot of hard-luck stories back in the day, but it’s become a lot more romantic, sexual, and relationship-based throughout the decades it would seem. People still like it though so it’s hard to knock it.

3. Cowboys and Angels

This genre is a little tough to get into if you’re that resistant to the idea of country music, but if you’re open enough there’s something to be enjoyed about it since a lot of these songs do tell a compelling story that’s worth listening to sometimes. It might be something exceedingly simple or it might be something that’s little more than self-aggrandizement for the sake of it. But whatever story you’re listening to it’s bound to be something that will grip a lot of people in a certain way simply because of the way it’s composed and how it’s mean to touch those that listen. Everyone has their favorite type of music after all.

2. Good Girl

Relationships these days aren’t quite the fairy tale you see in the movies and in videos like this, but when a person is lucky enough to find someone that they can spend their lives with and enjoy their time due to having things in common with one another it becomes a good time that they tend to want to preserve. It’s not always perfect, nor is it bound to be something that keeps people secure and satisfied every moment of their lives. But it’s something that’s important to the life of any person since human beings tend to need one another in a way that is hard to explain and yet can’t really be denied for any length of time.

1. Small Town Boy

There’s something to be said for the simple life that’s not always easy for those that love and idolize city living can see. It’s a calm and composed nature that doesn’t need the big frills and extravagances of a life that seems too flashy, too big, and just too much for those that tend to enjoy sitting and watching the sunrise or sunset on a peaceful landscape where things go at their own pace. Sometimes the simple life is more of a sure thing when you want some certainty in life.

Dustin Lynch is a romantic, there’s no doubt.

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