The Five Best Ellen Page Movies of Her Career

Ellen Page almost seems like the girl next door when it comes to her looks and her ability to get people to like her, but in terms of her talent and her ability she has a very quiet dignity that is absolutely stunning. In many ways she’s the kind of woman you’d love to get to know, sincerely get to know, and then count as one of your best friends. The amount of fame she’s garnered over the years has seemed to come in bits and pieces as she’s starred in one film after another, gaining more and more popularity as she’s taken on roles that are sometimes a little controversial but still so well-rounded that you can’t help but think that anyone else might not have been the right person for such characters. For all that however it still feels as though she doesn’t stand out as much as anyone else and it could be that this is the way she likes it. Or it could be that’s just her style.

Here are a few of the best movies from her career.

5. Flatliners

Anytime a movie gets remade it’s sure to elicit a few groans and eye rolls from those that saw the original, unless of course the original wasn’t all that great to begin with. But the first Flatliners, starring Kiefer Sutherland, who makes an appearance in this film, was outright terrifying since the nightmares that were unleashed when the students went under were either absolutely terrifying or so damaging to the psyches of the students that they couldn’t function. This one strove to do the same thing and for the most part succeeded, but the difference is that no one actually died for good in the original, while Ellen’s character was killed off. It was an interesting twist.

4. Into the Forest

The power going out is only the first sign that something is wrong, but for Nell and Eva the unrest is only beginning. After their father cuts himself badly enough to bleed out with a chainsaw they’re on their own, meaning that whoever comes along could do just about anything. They manage to get along even after Eva is raped by a wanderer that steals a good deal of their supplies, but Eva decides to keep the baby. As they continue to survive Nell does her research on the local plant life to make certain of what it safe and what isn’t. Once the baby is born they leave the house, trekking into the woods to survive.

3. X-Men: Days of Future Past

In the comics Kitty Pryde was a much more important character but in the movies so far she’s been kind of a supporting member if anything. In this movie however she was very crucial to the mission since she was the only one that could send Wolverine back in time to try and change the past so that the war that had consumed their kind wouldn’t be started in the first place. Among many superheroes the X-Men have almost always stood in terms of being subjugated to some of the worst treatment because of who, and what, they are. In this movie however she’s important, but she still plays a distant second to many of the main characters.

2. Juno

You kind of expect your kids to learn hard lessons in life, but getting pregnant is one of those that you’d rather they learn later on, preferably when they’re grown up and married and not so uncertain of the path they want to take in life. Juno and her on again/off again boyfriend don’t know what they want in this movie, but she’s determined to have the baby all the same since abortion is not a solution. But when she decides that she wants assurances that the baby will be loved and taken care of it’s enough to know that that the home she’ll be giving the kid up to will be warm and welcoming.

1. Inception

The mind is something that we take for granted quite often but if we could look inside the brain of another person we might figure out that as far as our imagination can stretch and bend that reality, the more likely it is that the host mind will find a way to fight back. No one enjoys having their mind meddled with, even if they’re unconscious and not fully aware of what’s going on. The body will attempt to protect itself in any way possible and that usually means expelling or exterminating and then expelling the intruder. In this movie there’s only one of two ways to go when that happens, upwards and into the real world, or further into the subconscious, where a person might never escape.

Ellen Page is just getting going it feels like, there’s a lot left that she can do.

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