The Five Best Gameboy Advance Games Ever Made

The GameBoy Advance is one of the first handheld consoles that started the whole mobile gaming craze. The innards of the GBA didn’t allow for complex polygons during the time, but it more than made up for it with a variety of fun and exciting games you could sink countless hours into. Today, you can play Gameboy Advance games on your PC or mobile phone using an emulator and a handful of GBA roms free download.   To start with, why not download these 5 best GBA games ever?  Here are our picks for the games that are a no brainer.

5. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

If you’ve played Final Fantasy Tactics on the original Playstation 1, then you absolutely must play the GBA version. The gameplay is turn-based action RPG based on the series with a few novel additions. You play a group of warriors on a grid-based battlefield and take turns moving, attacking, healing or casting spells. Everything that you love about FFT is here, from unique job classes, flashy spells, specializations and of course, the strategy and satisfaction of beating the opponent with the right moves at the right time. FFTA has a unique item-based skill system which lets you learn and master the moves of a particular job if you use an equipment long enough. Spend hundreds of hours playing through the game and leveling up your characters!

4. Super Mario Advance 4 – Super Mario Bros. 3

Arguably the best Mario game on the Super Nintendo system, the beloved Italian plumber makes its way as a port into the GBA handheld. The result is an absolute perfect mix of portability, platforming and gaming at its finest. Aside from the usual running, jumping and bashing of enemies, you get a few new mechanics that add up to a novel experience. You can throw blocks, climb vines, slide down slopes and wear cute costumes that give you a unique power. For example, you can turn into a raccoon and gain the ability to fly; turn into a frog and be able to swim better on water, and so on. There’s also 8 worlds to explore, with each promising endless hours of exploring and entertainment.

3. Pokemon Emerald

Pokemon and GBA is a match made in heaven for both Pokemon and RPG nuts alike. There’s just something so appealing and addictive to catching pokemon, training them and fighting turn-based battles on the go. The Emerald version takes precedence over the Ruby and Sapphire version as you get both Pokemon Gold and Silver inside the game. There’s plenty of things and objectives to complete here. Collect all 150 pokemon, beat the Gym Leaders and the Elite Four, then have a shot at owning a Legendary pokemon. Beating the game unlocks more content and more reason to sink countless hours in Niantic’s creature-collecting RPG.

2. Advance Wars

The developers behind the highly acclaimed Fire Emblem series has perfected the turn-based strategy in Advance Wars. It’s a classic matchup between the Red versus Blue army (then Green, Orange and so on), where each side gets ahold of soldiers, tanks and aircraft in order to capture the enemy HQ or obliterate all the enemy units into oblivion. Like chess, each unit has its own strengths, weakness and animation that adds to the game’s polish. There are several game modes to choose from- War Room, Campaign, Versus and even a map creator. Try your strategic mettle by beating the campaign mode with various COs, or have a head-to-head with a friend while waiting at the bus stop. When you’re done, go ahead and download Advance Wars 2 for even more turn-based battles!

1. Legend of Zelda – The Minish Cap

The Legend of Zelda – Minish Cap is so good for a couple of reasons. One, the dungeon design is top-notch, as expected of the Zelda developers. Two, the story engrossing and the adventure is something you’ll remember for a long time. Three, the puzzle mechanics are fun to play. The Minish Cap starts off Link meeting a magical hat that allows him to shrink to a miniscule size. Here, he meets the Minis, tiny lifeforms who have long since fought darkness from invading the world. Being able to shrink and go back to normal opens up a whole lot of perspective, new places and smart use of game mechanics. With The Minish Cap, you get an entirely new experience that feels refreshing!

These are just some of the great Gameboy Advance games you can play today. Grab an emulator and head on over to to get them and play to your heart’s content.

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