The Five Best George Clooney Movies of His Career

George Clooney might be a man’s man to some folks and it’s not an invalid comment to be honest since he’s suave, charming, has just the right amount of wit, and he can star in action films if they’re designed for him. But quite honestly he’s more about drama and witty comebacks and performs a lot better when he has the kind of material that allows him to be the guy that you look to for a stirring performance that’s meant to make people feel for his character and possibly laugh with him. Action isn’t his biggest forte but at the same time he can do it if he’s given the right part. For instance, let’s all agree that Batman was not the role for him and neither was Bruce Wayne. Clooney just seems to upbeat and witty for a character like Wayne and not quite forceful or brooding enough for Batman. He’s a great actor without any doubt, but it’s been proven that he does have his areas of expertise.

Here are some of the best movies of his career.

5. O Brother Where Art Thou?

Some folks might argue about this one since it received a kind of mixed review from fans but at the same time it shows off Clooney’s funny side since Everett McGill is something of a talker and a spinner of yarns that tends to get himself in trouble from time to time. Along with Pete and Delmar he manages to escape from a chain gang and tries to make his way back to his wife while telling his traveling companions that they’re after a hidden treasure to get them to go along. Throughout the movie they go through one adventure after another in a loose adaptation of the Iliad by Homer, and eventually end up far better off than they started.

4. Up in the Air

Imagine everything you own and care about fits in a backpack that you carry with you everywhere you go since your life is spent traversing from one place to the next, never touching down for more than short period of time so as to do your job and possibly get some rest. Clooney’s character has the unenviable position of having to deliver bad news to people face to face and giving inspirational speeches that he eventually doesn’t feel any longer since throughout the movie he comes to realize that his life is spent up in the air and insulated from people more than anything. That seems like a rather lonely existence.

3. Out of Sight

The life of a professional thief can go more ways than one but for those that are smart enough at it you would almost think that they could get away and avoid the risk of being caught. Of course when affection becomes a factor of the grand game played out between cops and robbers it tends to complicate things a bit and will bring down even the smartest individuals since this is in a sense what happens. Clooney’s character could have gotten away a couple of times in the movie had he not forgotten just a couple of rules that he, as a professional thief, should have been smart enough to think about.

2. Ocean’s Eleven

Danny Ocean is just smooth. There’s no other way to put it since the guy can talk to anyone and make them think he’s their best friend in a matter of minutes. Plus he knows how to treat people, even if he’s a thief he does have class and manners that make him a likable guy and someone that doesn’t double-cross anyone unless there’s a very good reason to do so. In terms that are easy to understand he’s a gentleman thief, going after those that he carefully selects and those that he has an absolute and ironclad reason to detest. Putting up Andy Garcia as Terry Benedict was a master stroke since Ocean and Benedict seem like they’d be natural enemies in real life as well.

1. From Dusk Till Dawn

Here’s where Clooney’s darker side came out and this is where it seems to be at his best since honestly Seth is one guy that no one would want to cross twice. A good example is that he was ready to fight with the bouncer that probably outweighed him by a hundred pounds or more for daring to lay a hand on him. Plus, he throws down without any hint of fear in his eyes and the only worry he ever shows comes when that same vampiric bouncer starts stalking towards him and Harvey Keitel at the end of the first fight. Seth is just tough, that’s the best way to say it, he’s tough and protective of his brother despite the fact that Richie is a certified nutcase.

George Clooney is the man, ’nuff said.

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