The Five Best Geto Boys Songs of All-Time

It’s hard to say how many people know about the Geto Boys since some of their songs are actually really well known and others might be known only to fans. The group has gone through their share of different members however throughout the years until finally settling on the most current three. When it was discovered that Bushwick Bill had pancreatic cancer however this prompted a farewell tour that brought them back together much to the delight of fans, at least insomuch as it meant that they’d be making another run on the touring scene. So far according to Jon Blistein of Rolling Stone it sounds as though they’ve only booked a handful of touring dates, but it does sound as though they’re going to try to make a proper farewell and book more as time goes on. How many they’ll be able to make is hard to say since Bill is in stage 4 and it seems likely that his health might not be great enough to allow him to perform as much as the fans might be wanting to see.

With that in mind though, we can at least enjoy some of their greatest songs.

5. Still

If a certain scene from Office Space entered your mind when you started listening then you’re not alone. This song was used in the moment when the guys took the troublesome work printer out in the middle of the field and went all Casino on it, stomping it, bashing it with a bat, and just basically beating the living hell out of it until all that was left was pieces. That might not have been the original intent of the song, but it was great enough obviously to impress upon someone that it was necessary to use it as a revenge theme for the downtrodden office workers of the world that just want to cut loose a time or two.

4. Mind of a Lunatic

You can hear the 80s in their lyrics and the manner in which they rap, but you can also hear the 90s and the transition that was taking place at the time. That Parental Advisory sticker that was on so many CD cases at the time was something that many kids would gravitate towards since it meant that the music behind the case was raw and ready to assault the senses in a way that they either hadn’t experienced yet or were growing used to and wanted some more of. Geto Boys were yet another group in this time period that were ready to tell people what they thought and damn the PC feelings that weren’t yet such a big issue in our society.

3. Damn It Feels Good to Be a Gangsta

Office Space took a couple of songs from these guys since not only are the songs that great, but they serve a point and seem to able to transcend from one situation to another without much trouble. You could take this song at face value and in a very literal way, but when you dig down a little more beneath the overall words that are being used you get the feeling that they were trying to be at least a little more inclusive than some might think. In other words a real G knows what’s up in life and knows how to navigate this crazy thing we call life while being the best person they possibly can for their fellow human beings, even if they have to be seen as the bad guy at times.

2. G.E.T.O.

It seems that a lot of people knew about the individual members of the group for a while before they were the Geto Boys, and it seems the same is true even when they were rolling as a group. But the Geto Boys as a group were indeed known by a lot of people, though it feels that for all they did that they never gained the kind of traction as other groups. Given that there are so many different rappers out there and that the competition has been cutthroat since the day that rap really hit the scene, it’s not hard to believe that they might have been forgotten a time or two. But thanks to some of their best songs their legacy is pretty much assured.

1. My Mind Playing Tricks On Me

One thing about the Geto Boys is that they seemed to rap about madness quite a bit since it was one of the founding principles behind their songs. It definitely seemed to highlight their songs and make them just a little more popular since it was a quality that other rap songs didn’t always have. The Geto Boys are an interesting group to listen to if you have the mind to look them up and really get into what they’re saying.

It might be time to review.

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