The Five Best Hugh Grant Movies of His Career

Hugh Grant is undeniably famous but he’s still someone that you kind of have to enjoy watching order to call yourself a fan since a lot of what he does is great but it does require someone that enjoys the kind of humor he exudes and the roles he plays. He’s done a good number of movies and it would seem that acting was what he was meant to do since he’s been at it since he was a young man. He does credit his mother with giving him the acting genes that were needed to be successful, but apart from being an actor he was also someone that did a number of odd jobs before finally really breaking into the scene and showing everyone that he had the moxie and the talent to be someone that could relied on as the lead and the star of a film. Since then he’s had a rather solid career, even with a bit of legal trouble that happened years back.

Here are some his best films to date.

5. About a Boy

This kind of movie might seem odd to anyone that thinks a grown man using a young boy to better his life in some way would be highly suspect. But the real relationship between Marcus and Will is one of convenience to start with since Will is a bachelor that’s leading a life that’s unsatisfying while Marcus doesn’t have things much better at home with a mother that’s already attempted to kill herself. When Will starts dating Rachel and it’s made clear how he and Marcus are involved she leaves him, but when he decides that life was getting better with Marcus in the picture Will reconciles with the boy by helping him finish out a talent show that might have otherwise gone very poorly.

4. Four Weddings and a Funeral

The roundabout way that people go about meeting and finally ending up with one another is infuriating to be honest since when we’re young we either think we know so much or we fear that we don’t know enough about what’s going to come of a union between us and the person we fall in love with. Some people are sure and go ahead with it while others stand apart from the rest and allow life to pass them by. Thankfully Charles and Carrie seem destined to be together since they keep popping into each other’s lives throughout the years. Of course it might have been better had Carrie told Charles her feelings for him before he got to the altar with Henrietta.

3. Bridget Jones’s Diary

Hugh isn’t the gentleman in every movie he’s ever made as in this one he’s the cad that is also the boss of the titular character. She decides to pursue him since he’s her dream guy and despite his reputation as a womanizer she ends up falling for him and thinking that it’s something that it’s not. When she finds him with another woman however she’s quick to cut ties and move on, even though he begs her to stay and even comes back into her life attempting to get her to return to him. Upon finally admitting her feelings for another man however she almost loses him because of the diary she’s been keeping throughout the movie.

2. Notting Hill

This might be kind of tough since actors are well known to be quite convincing no matter where they’re at since it’s their job to be as genuine as possible. But in this film Anna is quite taken with Will despite the fact that their back and forth relationship doesn’t seem bound to go anywhere but trouble as the press finds them together and makes a big deal of it and then her apparent dismissal of him wounds him in a way that he wasn’t expecting. But in the end their love proves to be strong as she decides to stay in the UK and eventually they marry and are shown to be expecting a child.

1. Love Actually

This movie is told from multiple accounts and is something that a lot of people might not have really understood or appreciated when it came out, but it’s still a compelling story. Hugh Grant has played a lot of roles in his time and he hasn’t always been the good guy but when he is he turns into the person that you might want to get to know since he seems like someone that might be a best friend in the making. His character in this film is one of those that might not be considered friend material but is at least not such a horrible person that he can’t seem like a rather decent person all the same.

No matter what you think of him, Grant has been a spectacular actor for many years.

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