The Five Best “Immortals” Movies of All-Time

Movies about immortals are a lot of fun since the idea of being able to live forever somehow appeals to a lot of people, even if they don’t get the full implication of just what that means. what it means of course is that you eventually have to watch those you care about pass on and die. You get the privilege of watching the world turn and change without ever remembering who you are and, if they do know about you, finding ways to eradicate you since like it or not, immortals are not well-liked by those that don’t share this longevity. Immortals would be bound to be ostracized in a big way for their differences, as humanity has already shown that it’s not entirely trusting or tolerant of anyone that is too different from themselves, as even within the ranks of humanity it’s been seen that people can’t get along thanks to their differences. Trying to imagine what it might be like to be an immortal among so many that are destined to grow old and die is kind of hard to imagine, but one can at least think that it would mean a person might have to get creative after a while.

Here are a few of the best immortal movies out there.

5. The Last Witch Hunter

This story really didn’t get enough love for what it was, since it might have come along at a time when people weren’t really into the whole idea of Vin Diesel being a man that hunts down rogue witches and has been around since before any modern civilization was ever conceived, let alone built. That’s too bad really since the tale is one that is compelling and only a small bit of what could actually come to be a worldwide tale that might uncover more figures like the main character that would actively join the fight and try to do their best to stem the tides of evil. Imagine the main character and Hellboy teaming up. That would be interesting.

4. Dracula: Untold

Out of all the vampire movies that have been made this one really feels like it should have been given more attention, largely because it did its best to draw from actual history in order to blend it in with the myth of one of history’s most brutal warriors. Maybe it’s because it went in this direction and didn’t keep things modern that people couldn’t connect with it, but Luke Evans was great in his role and the whole thing was quite well done to be fair since the beginnings of Dracula have gone a few different ways and at the very least this movie showed that he had to acclimate to his powers.

3. Wonder Woman

Does anyone else still feel as though Ares should have been able to take Wonder Woman and fling her around the place? If not for the writers penning him as arrogant and too certain of his power it’s likely that a god with the kind of power and experience that Ares held could have taken down a naive Amazonian princess that was undeniably tough but still horribly off-balance. Of course that wouldn’t have fit the idea that was being pushed, that she was the Godkiller and that as a result, she was far tougher than anyone was willing to give her credit for. Obviously the hero has to win, but in a battle between immortals, it feels that Ares shot himself in the foot.

2. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

There was really only immortal that didn’t face the threat of being destroyed in this movie, and that was Tia Dalma. The argument against her is kind of weak since it was proven that she was the sea goddess and as a result, she was far more dangerous than anyone else in the movie. What balances Tia Dalma out is that the sea is uncertain at best since it can be calm at one moment and stormy the next. Tia Dalma was the type of character that was there when she was needed and off on her own doing her own thing when she wasn’t. In fact, it’s fair to say that she was given one of the best parts of the movie.

1. Highlander

“There can be only one.” This is still one of the best lines in cinema that have ever been devised, no matter how simple it might appear. The constant game between the immortals in this movie for the final prize, which turns out to not be the final prize, is one that a lot of people have enjoyed for years. The only problem is that the prize appears to renew itself every so often since so many more immortals have materialized throughout the history of the movies and the show.

Being immortal might be kind of a lonely deal.

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