The Five Best Jared Leto Movies of His Career

There’s a bit of veracity to the thought that Jared Leto is kind of an oddball at times, but no one can deny that he’s something of a genius as well. He does take on strange parts in movies now and again but somehow he makes them work and is able to get people to think that he’s come up with a new way to show an old role so that it pops just enough to be noticed. Then he’ll take on roles that aren’t quite vanilla but are more widely accepted and still manage to steal the show just a bit. Leto is the kind of guy it seems that can be comfortable doing just about anything since he’s so fully into the part that nothing else matters at the time. The roles he’s played throughout his career have been so widely varied that pinning him down as any one type of actor is nearly impossible, and to be honest that seems best since being typecast is what a lot of actors try hard to avoid.

Here are some of the best movies of his career so far.

5. Suicide Squad

There are seriously many upon many people that would argue over who the best Joker was, but at this point it would almost certainly start with Jack Nicholson and finally come up to Jared Leto, meaning three people would be on peoples’ minds, with Heath Ledger being one of the top contenders. In truth these three men have given the best performances of the clown prince of anyone when it comes to live action, since their styles of acting, which differ greatly from one another, have managed to split the fanbase the Joker has into separate factions that gladly support their favorite version of the character.

4. Fight Club

His presence in Fight Club wasn’t as pronounced but it was enough that it made a point and showed the seriously messed-up aggression of the Narrator. Leto is a good-looking man, and the Narrator felt the need to destroy something beautiful as he said, which meant pounding Leto’s character into the ground over and over despite the rules of Fight Club. You have to wonder at the mentality of someone who would continue to follow a person that would pound their face into hamburger just because they felt like it. But that seems to be a mentality that a lot of people in this world unfortunately harbor at times.

3. Lord of War

Vitaly is actually more important in this film than you would think since he’s the one guy that kind of keeps Yuri in check, or tries to at least. Apart from him there’s really no one that has Yuri’s ear all that often and no one else that’s really looking out for him as a brother would. But the only issue is that Vitaly has a very good heart despite his ability to kind of look the other way at times. Eventually the gun-running business becomes too much for him when he sees how others are made to suffer, and he tries his very best to insure that just a few more people will survive through his efforts. Unfortunately he saves no one, though he does try.

2. Dallas Buyer’s Club

Any film showing an organization like the FDA in a negative light tends to polarize a lot of people since if we can’t trust an organization that’s supposed to be there to help us then it seems as though we’re left on our own looking for answers. Rayon and Woodruff didn’t like each other at first, but as they came to realize the need they both had to survive and the means that were necessary to do that they came to an agreement that they could help one another and prolong the final breath as long as possible. Eventually Rayon succumbed to her condition, but it wasn’t without a good fight in the process.

1. Requiem for a Dream

Leto plays kind of a sleaze in this movie since he’s the kind of guy that will steal his mother’s TV in order to get a fix as he’s a heroin addict that tries to pretend he’s a good person but deep down is just a rather pathetic human being. Throughout the film however there are many different moments when it seems as though he has the ability to do something right and then he’ll turn around and do something wrong again. By the end of the movie he’s lost an arm due to a massive infection thanks to his constant need to shoot up, and life has gone on without him as his girlfriend has become part of a sex act that men pay to see and his friend is stuck behind bars along with him, while his mother has gone insane.

He does play some odd roles, but he does them very well.

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