The Five Best Jefferson Starship Songs of All-Time

Jefferson Starship was essentially born out of Jefferson Airplane, as the band kind of underwent a bit of change in lineup over the years and a slight change in their sound. Their initial run was 1970 to 1984, but they did get back together in 1992 for a reunion. The reason they split in the first place had to do with a disagreement on their artistic direction, as it seems to happen with many bands even in the current era. But a few of the band members started to come and go throughout the years, kind of limiting how much the group could really do together as they had to find someone that was willing to fill in from time to time. As of their reunion in the 90s however they entered a new phase of their musical careers and have been going strong ever since. New members have come and gone, but the sound is still Jefferson Starship, just as a lot of people might remember it.

Here are a few of their best songs from back in the day.

5. Ride the Tiger

Back in the day it was fun just to listen to the music and divine what the musicians had to say. Of course it was also a lot of fun to listen to the instrumental parts of the song as well. The guitar solos that used to be performed decades ago are still heard today, but a lot of people have less patience for them and want to hear the music instead. The sound of the music from this era as to now has changed just enough that people have grown tired of trying to let the song develop and tend to want the quick and easy version of it. Unfortunately this means that the story within the song isn’t always appreciated unless it’s truncated into something that amounts to a few quick lyrics.

4. With Your Love

It’s kind of interesting that they decided to change their name, but sometimes it would seem that people just feel the need to change for one reason or another. It’s usually a matter if their current name isn’t gaining them as much attention or is considered to be too stale and not allowing them to grow. Jefferson Airplane however had quite a healthy following and didn’t suffer from lack of fans. What’s going on in the mind of a musician sometimes though is about as easy as figuring out what’s going on in the mind of a writer. There’s not a lot of chance that you’re going to get a straight answer that’s not laced with emotional content.

3. Red Octopus

Chimes used to be a big part of music back in the day it feels like, at least for some genres. The instruments used back then gave a distinctive quality to the music that just isn’t as present in this day and age. But given that the technology has moved ahead so far that performers have been able to create their music without the issues that used to be present it’s easy to assume that if things were still the same it’d all sound vaguely alike. But in all honesty it’s good that things have moved forward since it not only grants people a new and dynamic shift in the music industry, but it also gives us a greater appreciation for what came before.

2. Find Your Way Back

There’s a certain feeling that you get when you hear an older song come on the radio and it has a lot to do with the fact that it takes you back in time for just a moment to when you either first heard or enjoyed the song. Those moments are important in that they remind you of a bit of joy in your life that might seem unimportant most times but is still a nice throwback to when things seemed a little simpler and you could just sit back and enjoy the whole idea of listening to music and not doing anything else. The era this came from seemed to be the prime time to do such things.

1. Somebody to Love

This song has appeared so many times in pop culture that it’s hard to list them all since it would take another article to do so. But it’s undoubtedly one of their more popular songs since it’s been around for a while and it’s one of those that people instantly know the moment they hear it. For those that have been fans for years and years it’s kind of hard to not say anything about how this song was just one of their many hits but then again it’s easier just to let it slide and let people enjoy the song even if they don’t really know the name or the history of the band it came from.

After all, we all enjoy music in our own way.

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