The Five Best John Cena Movies of His Career

A lot of people still think of John Cena as a pro-wrestler, or a ‘fake’ wrestler. Whatever you want to think of the WWE it almost seems as though his long tenure might be coming up here eventually as he’s continued to make his move towards Hollywood, much like The Rock, or Dwayne Johnson did years before. His acting has definitely improved over the years as he’s taken on one film after another, doing his best to gain renown and a reputation for being able to do more than take a fake punch. Give the guy some credit, he has taken some pretty big shots in the ring that were all too real, but he’s taken some initiative and done the work outside the ring as well, making sure that he has a reputation that he can be proud of and work on as he climbs that ladder towards legendary status.

Here are some of his best movies so far.

5. The Marine

You know that the main star of course going to be a specialist or one of the toughest guys in the corps when he first comes out. But Cena’s character in this movie is honorably discharged after disobeying a direct order. Forced into retirement he has to adjust to civilian life once again and in doing so takes his wife on a camping trip, only to be hijacked by a band of jewel thieves that are attempting to escape from the law. Left for dead after an explosion he then has to make his way into the wild to rescue his wife, which puts him in direct opposition to the thieves as they do their best to slow or take him down.

4. Ferdinand

Ferdinand is not like other bulls that are waiting for the day to be picked for the ring. Instead he simply wants to sit and smell the flowers and remain a peace-loving and carefree spirit that doesn’t enjoy violence. This isn’t a popular opinion among his peers obviously, as they’re all raised to expect the honor of being selected to stand against a matador in the arena. When the time comes that he’s forced into the arena however he almost becomes the fighter he never wanted to be, until he realizes that this is not him. Eventually the matador respects the wishes of the crowd as they cheer for Ferdinand and departs, declaring Ferdinand the winner.

3. Legendary

This is a classic case of a kid getting bullied and wanting to find a way to stand up to those that want to hurt him. The only problem is that he wants to rely on his prison-bound brother to help him out when it comes to getting tougher. His mother is against this from the start, but when his brother gets out of prison the kid embraces his teachings as much as he can, learning and applying the skills he’s learning as he goes out for the wrestling team and begins to show those around him just how tough he’s become. Sometimes when the bullies won’t stop it’s time to show them just how determined you are to be tougher than they are.

2. The Wall

War isn’t about being fair, it’s about being efficient and as deadly as possible. In this film you might expect a miraculous, last-second save from the allies of the two individuals that dominate the scene, but as one is killed and the other is still in hiding, the unseen sniper is constantly waiting. Snipers are scary individuals as they are trained to remain still, silent, and always alert until their targets are in the crosshairs. Once this happens they waste no time as they kill or wound, depending upon what their overall goal is. In this film the sniper kills one of the men outright, then waits for the other to board a rescue chopper, which he then promptly shoots down before sending out another call for help to lure more people in.

1. Blockers

A lot of parents don’t want their kids to grow up, especially when it means having to realize that they’re young women now and not little girls. The only problem with this is that, sigh, we have to let them. In this film three parents discover that their daughters, all friends, are planning a sex pact and have decided to lose their virginity on prom night. Bound and determined to stop this the three parents embark on a rather foolish and insanely hilarious quest to keep their girls from making what they think will be a monumental mistake. In the end however everything works out and the parents come to realize that not only are their girls okay, but they know what to do and don’t need them as much anymore.

John Cena is getting better as an actor, without a doubt.

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