The Five Best Kari Jobe Songs of Her Career

Kari Jobe started singing at the age of 3 and walked headlong onto the Christian path from the age of 5. In this day and age her dedication to what she believes in and what she does is impressive with the current era and the landscape in which we live. If you believe in God and are a faithful Christian it’s all good and wonderful. But one thing is clear in this world at this moment and it’s that Christianity does seem to be given a dim light now and again by those that have either lost faith or desire to find another path that they feel doesn’t judge them. The saddening part about this is that Kari and many others usually don’t seek to judge but rather enlighten those that they feel need this message. She is quite proud of what she does and for good reason since she has beautiful voice that she uses to great effect when it comes to spreading the word of God wherever she goes.

Here are some of her best songs.

5. The More I Seek You

Organized religion is to some people a rather problematic thing since it does tend to follow a strict set of rules and guidelines on how to worship, what is expected within a certain faith or denomination of said faith, and even seems to tell people how to live. While many would claim that this is the path to happiness there are still those that rebel against being told what to do. There are those that say to give your life to God and allow Him to work through you in His own way. There are those that would gladly give up their lives to Him in order to know the peace of His love and grace, but then there are those that would question why they can’t worship Him in their own way.

4. Heal Our Land

Spreading the word of God has been seen as an important undertaking for quite some time, be it accepted in whatever land it’s been taken to or not. The whole idea of it is not an evil act or even questionable in many ways, but to those that have seen their own faith in their own ways questioned it does seem to be the manner of Christians to take their faith and use it to replace some faiths that have predated Christianity. It’s the choice of the individual of course, and this message is rather enticing since it has managed to convince a great number of people that God is the answer to everything and is the one savior that can help the human race.

3. Revelation Song

There’s nothing to say Christianity is wrong apart from the old arguments that have been brought up time and again, but it is definitely persistent as a faith and thanks to Kari and so many others it is an idea that has taken hold throughout the centuries and become a firm foundation upon which the faith of countless millions have come to rely on. Belief is a powerful and very needed thing at times, since it is the strength that many rely on to get by in a world that seems to care nothing for them even on the best of days. Faith is enough for many people to get by on, and is often used to keep going in an existence that is otherwise inclined to let a person simply wander about on their own until the end.

2. Forever

From a theological standpoint those that practice and believe in Christianity are not evil, they are not wrong, and yet they are not the endall of faith or belief in this world. There are things from every faith that can’t be adequately explained save for faith, though how each person explains these things to themselves is something that stems from their upbringing and the faith to which they were born. Christianity has done its fair share of accepting, condemning, and replacing many upon many eager souls that have come into its bosom throughout the years. It’s not perfect, but to those that follow it this religion is the way to peace, happiness, and a life that is worth living.

1. I Am Not Alone

Kari no doubt believes fully in everything she says, everything she sings about, and the faith that so obviously burns within her heart. That kind of belief, that kind of fiery passion, is something that you can’t help but admire no matter who you are or what faith you belong to. It’s the kind of faith that allows a person to continue on in this world no matter what happens and shout to the heavens that they’re here and will not be moved and will not give up.

She’s inspiring, that much is obvious.

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