The Five Best Lonestar Songs of All-Time

The name Lonestar definitely sounds a lot better than Texassee, as it just seems to roll off the tongue a little easier and doesn’t make it sound like the speaker is lisping uncontrollably. There is a story to the original name however since the original members were all from Texas and met in Nashville, Tennessee. It’s something that you might come up with as a knee-jerk reaction but will gladly change later on when you’ve come to your senses and realize that a band’s name does a lot more than alert the audience who they’re listening to. Since the early 90s they’ve been cranking out hits and entertaining the crowds that come to see them, and they’ve amassed a pretty good following to be honest. Among the many country bands their fame has risen and kind of hit a plateau occasionally just like anyone does now and again. But the main point is they’ve stuck around are still doing what the fans want by showing up and playing the kind of music that people want to listen to.

Here are some of their best songs.

5. Walking in Memphis

Obviously this isn’t something they came up, but this is still an awesome song that gets the kind of treatment it deserves. The pace is a little quicker than Marc Cohn originally did, but it’s still the kind of song that you can’t help but love when it comes on. They did a great enough job that you can groove to the song and still get close to the same kick of it. Some folks don’t care to hear other bands cover the music of other artists, but in truth if it’s done in a respectful and great manner such as this there’s no way you could possibly deny that it still carries the same power it did when performed originally.

4. What About Now

Lonestar is a band that you can tell has fun with their concerts, and their fan base kind of goes on to prove that since their concerts have been pretty lively in the past. In the last 20 years or so the country scene has gone through a lot of changes that have been noted by a lot of people, particularly when it comes to the sound and the subject matter. But thankfully a lot of bands and musicians have kept to the overall feel of the genre, even when it’s noted that certain genres have begun to mesh with one another on occasion. So long as the sound is something that people want to hear you can bet that it’s going to remain just as popular.

3. Not a Day Goes By

That sentiment, that it’s better to have loved and lost then to never have loved at all, is one that a lot of people stick by. It’s true in a sense, considering that those that have never known love might have seen it with others and could very well wonder what they’re missing. It creates an empty space in your heart, a longing that you don’t know how to quench until you finally find the way. But when you love and then lose, the emptiness is worse more often than not since you don’t always want to fill that void with someone else, but you don’t want to be alone. So in truth, the adage is something that’s true, but at the same time is a hard pill to swallow.

2. I’m Already There

One thing that’s always great to see is videos like this that show our brave men and women that sacrifice everything at times to protect our country and those that live within our borders. They give so much, sometimes too much, to protect the land and the people they care about. Perhaps this is why it’s hard in this era to understand why our country is so divided when men and women of all races, color, religion, and ethnicity stand together in the defense of our country in order to protect the same rights that so many people trample upon on a regular basis. It’s time to remember what they’re fighting for and not dishonor it.

1. Amazed

This song might sound like someone else sang it first, but in all honesty it was Lonestar that came up with this one, so they get the credit and the accolades for how great it sounds. This is the kind of song that you hear at weddings and dances more often than not since it does carry a pretty positive message and is able to touch people on a level that’s absolutely enchanting in a way. The one thing you can say for Lonestar, among the many, is that they know how to pull at the heartstrings with their music, which could be a big reason they managed to get so popular.

Oh yeah, they’re still performing.

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