The Five Best Luke Evans Movies of His Career

Luke Evans is someone that doesn’t seem to get enough credit for what he does at times, since quite honestly the guy has been in some great roles that somehow get overlooked too often. In his roles as the villain he’s just flat out dark and decidedly vicious, while in his role as the hero he’s dashing, charming, and yet also kind of dark in his ways despite the fact that he can play such a role rather well. In some ways he’s the anti-hero type that doesn’t always do the right thing but has best of intentions in mind when he begins. As a leading man he might still need just a bit more of, something, in order to really nail the role, but he can already hang with some of the best of them when it comes to starring in any film, as he can play off of other actors without much help at all.

Here are some of his best movies so far.

5. Dracula Untold

There are so many vampire movies out there these days that trying to pin one down and call it the best is nearly impossible when asking a wide array of people. This one however was great since it showed an origin that we’ve seen in a number of different ways but in a manner that incorporated a few different elements that came together nicely. Of course there are always going to be plot holes, it’s the nature of a movie that people will always be able to find something wrong with it from their perspective. But all in all this story was quite well told and from the idea of Vlad the Impaler this kind of vampire story is always a classic.

4. Immortals

Evans did manage to play a god in the remake of Clash of the Titans, but unfortunately his part was short and didn’t really get to develop all that much. In this film he’s an important figure in the story and as Zeus is just flat out complicated. He wants to help the human race but at the same time he doesn’t want anyone influencing them in a direct manner. He’s kind of a hypocrite really, but at the same time he’s the head god so trying to challenge his word would be kind of difficult. When it comes to releasing the titans however he doesn’t screw around as he assembles a group of the toughest gods to take them down.

3. Fast and Furious 6

Owen Shaw is not a nice guy. Upon finding out that he was being controlled by Cypher in the latest film it seems that a lot of what he does can be forgiven, but standing up to a man like Dom and threatening his family is never a good idea. It doesn’t matter how well-trained he is, Dom is not the kind of guy you simply threaten and expect nothing to happen. Owen however is a little smarter than all that and has his own mole inside Dom’s group, who is revealed at a later time when it suits him. It does help to have someone that your enemy trusts ensconced in their ranks, as it’s like having their playbook at your side at all times.

2. The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies

Bard is the good guy that doesn’t always get the kind of regard he needs since he’s not royalty, he’s not an important figure to many, and for the most part he’s a working-class person that’s happy enough to have enough for his family and himself to survive on. But when he meets Thorin’s group he seems as though he might come to regret it for a bit since the dwarves bring nothing but ruination with a thin promise of wealth. When he faces down Smaug there’s no doubt that he’s scared stiff, but he also knows that if the dragon isn’t stopped that Laketown could cease to exist.

1. Beauty and the Beast

There are so many things you could say about Gaston and apart from his looks none of them are really that good. He’s the typical alpha male that thinks the world revolves around him and is never wrong about anything. But on top of that he’s a monster on the inside where no one can see, someone who will rally a mob simply because he feels the need and because he doesn’t understand something and would eliminate it. But when he faces off against the Beast the coward in him comes out rather quickly as he’s hung over a precipice, whereupon he begs for his life. Like many Disney villains however he takes a fateful plunge when he takes his eye off of his footing, thereby putting an end to the real monster.

Seriously, Luke Evans needs a bigger and better chance to prove his talents.

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