The Five Best Meghan Markle Movies of Her Career

There is probably a reason why Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, seems to be ridiculed by some folks and it could be that they think that she hit the jackpot by marrying a prince. They would in effect be kind of right, but that would negate the whole idea that she didn’t work her way into a position of influence on her own, which would be kind of an insult. Of course marrying Prince Harry was a big deal in her life, but up until that point she’d already made a solid career despite not being quite as known as some. She was still quite comfortable and hers wasn’t a rags to riches story as you might see in the movies. While much of her notoriety came from TV she was also a movie star in her own right and did manage to create an image that was obviously enough to turn Harry’s head, along with many others that have watched her throughout the years.

Here are some of the best movies from her career.

5. Anti-Social

There’s not much to describe here save to say that it’s about a successful street artist that finds his profession in jeopardy when his criminal brother needs help as a gang rivalry begins to escalate. This is the kind of story that tends to draw a person in since the drama and the inherent call to violence is something that usually pulls people in by the dozens or more considering that the pull of mayhem is stronger than our desire to want nothing to do it. Ever notice how when a fight breaks out people suddenly pay attention? It’s kind of the same principle, so long as there’s action to be had, people will watch.

4. A Lot like Love

Some of her roles are as hard to see as you can possibly imagine since in this film that details the burgeoning love between two people she’s another extra on the plane that’s seen for the barest moment. But again, Markle really took more to TV than movies and so far she’s seen only a few big roles that have allowed her to have anything more than a few lines or a minor appearance. If this article was all about her TV roles there would be plenty to say and much more to show since she’s been in some prominent programs. But in the movies she’s either going big or barely there depending on the film.

3. Dater’s Handbook

It’s amazing when you get on the dating scene how many people really don’t know what they’re doing and resort to a number of tricks that people prescribe to them since they have at least something of a success rate. When one women decides to take a look at the dating book it becomes evident that the man she wants is the one that has been in front of her the whole time. But the trick of this is that we never see what we want, we tend to look for the ideals that we believe we want but only desire since it’s something we believe we can’t have. That’s where the chase for the ‘perfect’ person usually originates.

2. Remember Me

Trauma hits people in different ways and helps to cause very different behaviors. After the suicide of their older brother Tyler becomes very protective of his younger sister Caroline, and after the mugging and murder of her mother Ally and her father can barely live with one another. When Tyler is arrested by Ally’s father for trying to help someone in need he aims to get back at the cop by sleeping with his daughter, Ally, but instead he ends up falling in love with her. On the day he’s to reconcile with his father, Tyler is caught in one of the Twin Towers as the 9/11 attacks occur, and later on it is heard in a voice-over that he has made peace with the memory of his brother.

1. Horrible Bosses

She doesn’t get a huge role in this film but she does get a cameo which is enough to say that she’s there but not gone for at least a minute or two. The film itself is hilarious since it kind of mirrors the thought that many people in this world must have occasionally if they have to work under a particularly nasty boss. Obviously we’re not all going to kill our bosses, but the guys in the movie are firmly convinced that the world will be a better place without their bosses in it and are fully intent on making this happen. The only problem is that they’re not killers and as a result botch things pretty horribly and end up sending one of their bosses to jail and getting another one of them to finally leave her subordinate alone.

Needless to say Meghan probably won’t need Hollywood as much anymore, but it’s still something that might be there for her if, and that’s a big if, it’s ever needed.

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