The Five Best Michael Cera Movies of His Career

Sometimes you take a look at an actor and really wonder what they’re doing in show business. Michael Cera is very much on the geeky side as far as looks go and he doesn’t appear to have any real outlandish qualities that set him apart from anyone, but that’s kind of the beauty of his whole act. He’s the plain old vanilla guy in movies that isn’t really there to do anything but add a counterpoint to the craziness that goes on in the film, and in the movies he stars in there’s plenty of nutty to go around. That being said he’s also the perfect guy for the role since he can play funny or he can play a straight-faced individual that’s just trying to get through his day on screen and isn’t about all the drama that others get caught up in. In short he’s kind of a surprise since he’s one of the last people you would think of that would be as famous as he is.

Here are some of his best movies so far from his career.

5. Year One

One thing about Cera is that he does star in some controversial films that some people would likely take great offense to since in this film history the Bible kind of get slammed together in a mashup that’ funny enough to count as a comedy yet also eye-popping enough to get the attention of those that might have a few things to say about it. Plus the whole idea of year one being the first year that history gets recorded is something that might drive historians up the wall since the whole concept is a bit off base and was used to sell the movie more than anything. Oh well, comedy is meant to get a reaction.

4. This Is The End

His presence in this movie is kind of fleeting but at the same time it’s as meaningful as anyone’s since it’s a biblical type of flick in which hell on earth becomes a reality as the bottomless pit opens up in James Franco’s front yard and many people die while some are taken to heaven in blue beams of light. As the survivors are forced to find ways to cope with the onslaught of demons and differing ideals that they have about their survival they come to find out that by performing selfless acts they can up their chances of being taken to heaven. When the last two finally make their way up they discover that heaven really is a place where all your dreams can come true.

3. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Scott is about as awkward as it gets when he’s around women but he meets Ramona and his whole outlook starts to change as he thinks that she could be the one he’s been looking for in his life. But when he tries to date her the League of Evil Ex’s turns into a nightmare for him as he has to defeat each and every one of them in order to finally be seen as worthy of her. As he goes about defeating them one at a time he begins to learn things about himself that he took for granted earlier on and eventually comes to respect himself as a man and as a personĀ  before finally taking on the last and most powerful Ex.

2. Juno

One thing you can say about his character in this film is that he’s supportive, which is overwhelmingly positive and provides a good model for others that might find themselves in such a situation. When Juno gets pregnant it becomes kind of a hardship for her and for Paulie, who doesn’t really know what he wants in life aside from Juno. As the movie goes along however it’s obvious that Juno is on board with giving the child up for adoption and so is he, but the process still isn’t easy. By the end though she gives birth to a healthy child and the woman she’s been talking to becomes the child’s mother, while she and Paulie are still together and are perhaps thinking of the future.

1. Superbad

It’s hard to let a good friend go when high school comes to an end, especially if you’ve been friends for so long that you can’t imagine what it would be like to be left without them. But as the last night of their high school days wears on both Seth and Evan as they come to realize that their friendship isn’t as solid as they thought. Throughout the night they receive a massive wake-up call when it comes to their future, but in the end they realize that this is the way things need to be, and that it’s better to just keep moving forward, even if it’s without each other.

Michael Cera is kind of a surprise celebrity, but he’s still pretty good when he’s on screen.

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