The Five Best Nick Robinson Movies of His Career

Nick Robinson might not be a name that strikes a huge chord in your memory but he’s been in a few films to date that have been notable for their story and their cast. So far he hasn’t done a whole lot with his film career but he’s done enough to be on the radar and to be considered worth remembering. He is an award winner after all so it’s clear he’s been doing something worth noting and is one of those that is serious enough about his craft that he’s been getting better with each film that he stars in. As one of those that has been reaching his peak for a while now, chances are he’s still not quite there, it seems fair to say that eventually in the coming years he will manage to really break through as one of the best talents to have been noticed in the past past decade or more. He’s a good actor, but it almost seems as though he’s being tucked away for the moment.

Here are a few of his best films.

5. Krystal

Things tend to get interesting when young men and women in their late teens start thinking that they’re ready to step up and get into a serious relationship. The only problem that Taylor seems to really have is that Krystal is a mother of one in her 30s that has kind of a troubled past and an ex that doesn’t want to go away. As much as he tries though it would seem that Taylor is kind of out of his depth when it comes to Krystal, though he does do his absolute best to be what she seems to want, only to find out that she’s tired of the same old bad boy routine that a lot of guys think that women want. They might want those men, but keeping them around after a while is a different thing altogether.

4. Love, Simon

When coming out to your friends one has to realize that if they’re really your friends they’ll be at your side no matter what you tell them, and if they’re not then it’s best to give them time to process the matter or let them go on their way. Simon goes on a route that kind of promises nothing but misery to all involved as he attempts to keep secrets and out of fear of being outed to the whole school tries to set up Martin with the girl of his dreams. But unfortunately everything goes south in a big hurry and Simon ends up being humiliated and ostracized until he makes things right, at which point he finds that people are far more accepting than he believed.

3. The 5th Wave

Throughout the years alien invasion movies have gotten more and more complicated as the aliens have become even more insidious with each passing movie. In this thriller the aliens attack in waves, knocking out the earth’s power grid and then causing massive natural disasters by manipulating the many fault lines. After that it’s a plague, then the assimilation and invasion of earth as they begin to take human hosts. It’s a struggle to simply survive in this movie since there’s no telling who’s what or who’s who when it comes to being a regular human or one possessed by one of the Others.

2. Everything, Everything

We want to protect our children, to keep them safe from a world we know is itching to hurt them or nurture them in ways that they can’t understand and might take them away from us. But keeping a child from the world is no good as it denies them so much that even their health can be affected by it. When Olly and Maddy meet fate is set in motion as they begin to realize a very deep and emotional feeling for one another that goes beyond the boundaries that Maddy’s mother has set and allows them to build upon something that eventually turns into a relationship that is all too real.

1. Jurassic World

It would be uniquely awesome to be able to go to a resort where your aunt is one of the top people in charge and could therefore get you passes to see everything, but looking past the awe-inspiring nature of dinosaurs actually walking the earth it seems as though it would be wise to instead say “nope, I’m good” when you see some of the attractions that are being featured. Anyone that happens to think that bringing back extinct species that were theorized to be deadly in their own time and splicing their genes with other creatures that could make them deadlier still has a few screws loose that need to be replaced, pronto.

Nick is on his way to becoming a very big star, and he’s not too far off.

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