The Five Best One Man Wrecking Crews from 2010s Movies

Fighters haven’t changed a whole lot through the decades, they’re still specialized in various forms of warfare and those that are heavily featured in one movie or another are typically tough, have the type of endurance that Olympic athletes might be jealous of, and are capable of clearing a room on their own when it comes to various opponents. Some of them are superheroes, some of them are super-powered even if they’re entirely heroic, and others are supposed to be completely human but highly-skilled and determined individuals that are inordinately tough to take down. No matter how it happens, these one-man wrecking crews are impressive to watch no matter if they have a high body count or not. In a way though, a big difference between such individuals now and decades ago is that the line between good and evil isn’t quite so clear sometimes as the audience is encouraged to root for morally ambiguous characters that aren’t entirely good and in some cases start out as evil, while heroes are usually only allowed to cause destruction on a large scale when the enemy is irredeemably evil and is bent on utter destruction and annihilation. Sometimes the line is clear and well-defined, but at other times it’s kind of a guess as to which way to feel about a certain character. All in all though each one of them manages to provide a good show.

Here are some of the best one-man wrecking crews from the 2010s.

5. Dr. Smolder Bravestone – Jumanji: The Next Level

The first time around, when Bravestone was being controlled by Spencer, his strength came as a massive surprise, as did his fighting prowess, but Spencer, an avid lover of video games, managed to get the hang of it rather quickly as he also learned how to control his impulses a little quicker when it came to knowing when to fight. But then again, Spencer and his grandfather, who took over Bravestone’s avatar in the second movie, were very different people, and it’s obvious from the way that Eddie came to realize just how powerful he was, and how it made him feel empowered that he could take out his enemies so easily.

4. Venom – Venom

Venom began his time in Marvel as a villain, as his time with Peter Parker could have been an overly positive thing. But when his more dangerous tendencies started coming through Parker ditched the symbiote, which then attached to Eddie Brock. Obviously this isn’t how it went in this movie, but despite being part of a race that was seeking to take over the earth, Venom was a villain. But after seeing the world through Eddie’s eyes and forming a kinship with the human it happened that Venom wasn’t exactly a hero, but was more or less inclined to do the right thing more often than the wrong thing.

3. Charlie Wax – From Paris with Love

He doesn’t have a high body count in this movie but at the same time Charlie Wax is the type of character that a lot of people might back away from when he starts to approach them with harmful intent. In a way he’s kind of like an actual wrecking ball in that once he’s moving forward he doesn’t stop until he’s demolished anything and anyone that’s in front of him. The attitude he brings to the movie makes it obvious that his partner is almost a non-entity at times and is more of a hindrance since he’s basically there as a helper and, in some cases, he has a tough time doing that. Wax on, Wax off indeed.

2. Thor – Avengers: Infinity War

It’s easy to give credit to the rest of the heroes in this movie since they were holding tough until the enemies became too many. But when Thor came in, hardly fresh since he’d recently taken on the full brunt of a star and had only just healed from the ordeal, he proved that he was indeed one of the strongest in the MCU in a decisive manner. This is why it’s a bit confusing to label Captain Marvel as the strongest in the MCU, despite the fact that she too is a one-person wrecking crew. With Thor however it’s been an obvious trait that he carries around with him, that he can take on and take out multiple opponents in a very impressive way.

1. John Wick – John Wick 3: Parabellum

John Wick is already legendary for his endurance and his ability to kill quickly and efficiently in many cases, though there are times when he needs to work his way out of a tight spot. Even then however he utilizes one angle after another when it comes to his continued survival. While some of the action sequences in John Wick appear too outlandish to be realistic, it’s still a lot of fun since his legend keeps growing with each fight he survives. Part four is going to be off the chain whenever it arrives, count on that.

One-man wrecking crews are intimidating since realistically they should have the shortest lifespans, think about that.

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