The Five Best Owl City Songs of All-Time

Owl City isn’t really a band as much as it is just one individual that came up with the idea to make music and has managed to do just that in a way that a lot of people saw as great and even worth listening to more than once. The trick about it is though that Owl City was a great sound when Adam Young first came out with it but then it kind of seemed to sink back into the industry, almost disappearing it felt like only to reappear now and again like a shy kid that speaks up when they feel the need. This is kind of amusing since it’s more likely the reason why we don’t hear from Adam all that often as he describes himself as an introvert that might have Asperger syndrome. It’s never been diagnosed apparently but he feels certain that he has it, so the belief could be fueling the symptoms at this point.

In any case, here are five of Owl City’s best songs.

5. Shooting Star

Young has a very vibrant sound that’s so easy to get into that the intro to his songs often disarm just about anyone that wants to listen or is willing to at least give him the benefit of the doubt. His material might be softer than some are really willing to get into, but at the same time he manages to sink his music into a person’s heart in a way that is hard to deny. Be it the fact that he’s an introvert or because he simply knows himself better than anyone Adam definitely strikes to the heart of many people with his songs in a way that’s light, bouncy, and still strong enough to carry the song.

4. Vanilla Twilight

Adam is very much a crooner in that his voice isn’t hard enough to really be adequate for rock, but the quality of it is pleasant enough that it’s perfect for the style of music he does sing. He tells a story with his music and in doing so manages to get the attention of a lot of people in the sense that they want to listen and enjoy the path that he’s laying down for them, a path that isn’t challenging or even demanding, but open and very pleasing to a lot of different sensibilities. This is a big part of his charm, he’s able to really get into the heart of the people that want something nice to listen to without really offending anyone.

3. Fireflies

The quirky nature of this song is almost as childlike as the visuals since it invokes a sense of wonder and playfulness that reminds a lot of us what it was to be a child at one point in our lives. As a song this almost seems as though it was a musing of Adam’s before it ever became something that was going to be given a serious shot as a track. But looking at the room that’s used in the video you can almost get the idea that this is something of the method that he used to really come up with the song in the first place. One thing about introverts is that they tend to pull from their own musings and rambling thoughts to create something when they have the inclination.

2. Good Time

Even those that are introverted know when to step out and have a good time when the feeling and the need comes along. Just because someone doesn’t open up all the time doesn’t mean they’re bound in their own head like a prisoner, as the emotions and thoughts that run through the mind of an introvert could possibly drive them crazy if they kept them bottled up all the time. This is why getting out and having a good time is a necessity for just about anyone, it allows those creative thoughts and experiences to flow into the world where others can enjoy them and help introverts to really show the colors that their thoughts shine in.

1. When Can I See You Again?

If you’ve seen Wreck It Ralph then you know just how amusing the movie was and how great this song was at the very end. The movie shows just how important it is to be yourself and yet to accept who you are rather than try to make yourself into something that you’re not. This is just a fun song that was added onto a movie that was equally fun and paved the way for a life lesson that many people have been saying over and over throughout the years in various ways. Be yourself and be happy with who you are, especially if other people happen to like you that way.

Life is way too short to take it slow, indeed.

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