The Five Best Rosamund Pike Movies of Her Career

Rosamund Pike was discovered while on stage, which is a great place to be noticed, and while she didn’t have the immediate kind of success that she might have liked she did manage to begin a career that has stretched for two decades now and has only seen her getting better with each passing year. Some of the roles she took early on weren’t that great and didn’t belong to movies that might have made her famous, but they were a good start to something that has managed to become a career that she can be proud of. Her acting ability is more than solid as she is a quiet and unassuming individual until she really turns on the heat, at which point it’s very easy to take her seriously. The level of professionalism that she brings to the screen is something that kind of eclipses other actors at times without meaning to, but it’s also a talent that is easy to appreciate.

Here are five of her best movies.

5. Doom

Honestly these first two movies aren’t the best, especially since Doom was created when it was still thought that video games could translate easily onto the big screen. Unfortunately for this movie the only time it even came close to representing the game came nearly at the end when Reaper was making his way throughout the complex and the audience was given first person point of view. Before and after that however the basis of the story was something that had a lot of people scratching their heads since it was as though someone had slapped the title Doom on a futuristic soldier-based story that had nothing to do with the video game.

4. Wrath of the Titans

Bot the remakes of these classic films suffered a lot of bad reviews since the CGI was said to be horrible and the story was updated just enough to keep it from seeming to be like the old movies all over again. Of course if we’re being honest the CGI was still pretty intense for its time period and the story wasn’t all that bad considering that it had a lot to live up to. While the originals might have been considered to be nothing short of awesome back in their day these films relied heavily on effects and not much else since the story was just about the same in many ways. In fact without Perseus it’s safe to say that the world might have ended when Hades and Ares unleashed Kronos.

3. The World’s End

12 pubs, 12 pints, the Golden Mile. That doesn’t sound so bad when you’re still young does it? Gary King is the kind of guy that a lot of us have known that just doesn’t grow up since he stumbles upon one great day in his life and then tries to live it for all the years that come after. But when Gary somehow convinces the rest of his friends from that same night to come out with him they discover that the town they remembered isn’t quite the same, and in fact it’s been taken over by an alien force that is intent on taking over the world with blank versions of those humans that won’t convert to their ways willingly. Yet Gary still wants to drink, so it becomes a race to the World’s End, literally in some respects.

2. Hostiles

It’s very easy to say that times in US were not easy, but living it seems to have been the worst part of all. Blocker is charged with escorting a man he knows is responsible for many deaths, some of those he knew, from his current place in prison to his tribal lands in Montana. Along the way they pick up a few individuals but lose several thanks to marauding Indians. The morality of their trip is brought into question time and again as they have to find a way to survive while at the same time justifying the kills that are made in order to keep the group safe. Nothing about it is easy, nor is it simple to brush away the stench of guilt that clings to so many of them.

1. Gone Girl

How twisted can you get? First Nick is sleeping with one of his students, which is bad enough. But then Amy, deciding to make him pay for this, fakes her own death and lays the blame squarely on his shoulders. When he starts gathering information though her story begins to quickly fall apart as he learns more and more about what she’s really like. Yet when she gets robbed she finds someone more than willing to take her in, only for her to make it look as though the man had raped and tortured her be she killed him. Upon reuniting with her husband she announces she’s pregnant, he takes her back, and everything is just a-okay from that point on. That kind of leaves a big open-end for the story to develop, but obviously it’s up to the audience to decide what might happen.

Rosamund is able to make you feel things that widely contrast with one another from one movie to another, and that’s simply awesome.

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