The Five Best Sara Evans Songs of Her Career

Give big props to Sara Evans since no matter what happens she just keeps on singing. Even when her legs were broken in an auto accident outside her family home she kept singing from a wheelchair in order to pay for her medical bills. That’s a great deal of dedication coupled with the need to not quit and it’s absolutely great. The country music star is obviously made of tougher stuff and doesn’t back down so easily when life throws her a curve ball, making her one of the more inspiring figures on the scene as of today. Add to that the fact that she’s an award-winning artist with uncounted nominations to her name and several impressive wins and you might think that Sara Evans needs to be a bigger name in an industry that’s full of them at this point. You’d be right, but of course with so many big names already there it’s sometimes enough to know that she’s one of those that people just need to find to enjoy.

Here are some of the best songs from her career.

5. Born to Fly

The way this song starts out almost feels like something from the Spin Doctors, but then Sara begins to sing and it takes on a whole new tempo that’s a great deal slower and doesn’t inspire a need to speak quickly and keep up. That being said the tempo is great and it’s easy to get into since the whole Wizard of Oz theme is kind of nice and easy to recognize. If you look at it in this light you get the feeling that she’s just a downhome girl that wanted a way out from the life she’d grown to know, but was grateful for what she had and is happy to have been raised in a place that she was allowed to dream.

4. No Place That Far

A lot of songs have piano intros like this and it continually makes a person feel as though they’re about to hear something touching and even drawling, a kind of stereotype that country suffers from occasionally since a lot of people tend to think of country in such a way. But the nice thing about this stereotype is that it’s a very strong feeling that is given throughout each song, a sense of being and humanity that some songs seem to forget about in order to push other ideals that are far and away from the human experience. With songs such as these you keep your feet on the ground and remember just what it means to be a person.

3. A Real Fine Place to Start

Some songs just sound like a lot of fun once they get going and it’s likely the easy pace that separates this tune from several others. It’s soft enough that you can ease into it but has a deep enough beat that it’s not about to lull you to sleep. In truth it’s the kind of song you can take your significant other out on the dance floor and just get into without any real effort since the music will likely allow you to glide or even clunk on the dance floor and just enjoy the rhythm. Songs like this are great since they’re not so technical that you need to know a dance move or two, but can just get on the floor and let it guide you along.

2. Suds in the Bucket

There are hard songs, soft songs, and then there are those that are just bouncy and fun and hit the gas without letting off entirely or hitting the floor, like this one. In terms of the story it’s one of those stories that a lot of parents might dread simply because they want their kids to learn from any and all mistakes they might have made when they were younger. The thing about that however is that kids are going to do what they want whether it’s a mistake or not. Call it love or a need to just get out there and experiment with life, kids are going to grow up and make their own decisions whether parents like it or not.

1. A Little Bit Stronger

Some people can be alone without much of a problem, but with others it’s a condition they’re not ready for, not prepared for, and have to continually get stronger for when they find out that what they wanted isn’t going to work. Those that can be alone aren’t necessarily stronger than anyone else, as sometimes they’re simply numb to the world around them. Those that have to get used to it after a relationship fails can go either way, since being with someone is a great feeling when they’re the right person, but hell when they’re not. Sometimes being alone is a healing process to get stronger, plain and simple.

Sara is a strong woman without question.


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