The Five Best Scott Eastwood Movies of His Career

Looking at Scott Eastwood is almost like looking at a carbon copy of his father Clint since there’s not a whole lot of difference between the two. His acting still hasn’t quite hit the same level as his dad’s, but he’s young and has a lot of years left to him so there’s a lot of possibility that he’ll continue to shine as he gains more and more experience. To be fair he’s not a newbie, he’s been around for a while and has been growing in influence and in skill. He’s auditioned for nearly every one of the films that his father has directed but has only managed to land a few roles that were noticeable. To date though he’s been doing just fine on his own as his appearance in many different films has alerted many folks to the idea that he’s for real and isn’t going anywhere. On top of that, the Eastwood legacy seems to be well in hand.

Here are some of the best movies of his career so far.

5. Overdrive

The lure of being a car thief seems like a very dangerous thing for most people since when you deal in the high-end vehicles there’s always someone that’s willing to kill to keep what they have. When Andrew and Garrett decide to deal with one such mobster they realize very quickly that messing around with this individual is not a wise idea and agree to steal the car of a rival mobster for him. Unfortunately for their employer he walks right into their trap and ends up losing not only his entire stable of cars, but his life as well. When he has the chance to walk away from the game though Andrew finds that one more heist is just too tempting.

4. Pacific Rim: Uprising

The first film didn’t turn a lot of heads but the story was sound enough and the effects were actually quite well done no matter what critics say. The second one had a lot of potential but tripped up along the way since it offered the promise of an epic fight, but instead stacked the deck against the Jaegers and made it a very one-sided battle when the three kaiju they’d been facing suddenly merged into one massive beast that destroyed all but one of them without much trouble. When Gypsy Danger finally got back into the battle however it took another valiant sacrifice on the part of the machine to save the day once more.

3. Suicide Squad

It was kind of hard to notice everyone in this film since there were so many stars packed into one movie that a person had to choose with way to look and then try to notice everyone when it was possible. Scott made his entrance as GQ but didn’t get a lot of screen time since Will Smith, Margo Robbie, Jay Hernandez, and everyone else was being focused on as needed in order to push the main part of the story forward. He did manage to make a pretty big sacrifice near the end however when he triggered the bomb that took out one of the main bad guys. The Suicide Squad was aptly named obviously.

2. The Longest Ride

Sometimes you’ve got to remember what matters and follow the course in life that’s going to take you to the happiness you really want but didn’t know you needed. Thanks to Ira and his love for his wife, Luke and Sophia are shown a life that, without each other, isn’t quite as fulfilling. While Luke loves to ride and has a true passion as well as talent for it he’s not satisfied since Sophia will no longer come to see him ride for fear that he’ll be grievously injured. When he finally quits and professes his love to her the two finally come to understand what they’ve been missing in their lives for so long.

1. Fate of the Furious

Mr. Nobody, played by Kurt Russell, is the epitome of cool and what authority is all about in this film. His protege, Little Nobody, isn’t quite as cool at first and kind of says a few things that upset Hobbs enough to break out of his chains and slam him against a wall for emphasis. When he stops trying to go by the book however and follows the example his teacher is laying down Little Nobody starts becoming the guy that can be relied on to do the right thing even if it’s not the sanctioned thing. That’s what it takes to be the hero sometimes even if it’s not popular, you do what you know is right.

So far in his career he’s won a couple of awards and been nominated for more, but that seems to be just the start to what we can hopefully expect to see from him.

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