The Five Best Sean Connery Movies of His Career

Some people admire Sean Connery and others decide to deride him for his actions away from the set. Having been retired for a number of years now it’s easy to see how some people might cling to their own ideas about him, but when it comes to talking about the films he’s done and the work he put in during his time on screen it’s very easy to idolize this guy since he created a large number of characters that managed to light up the screen and immortalize him in a way that many actors have come to realize is the legacy that they’ll be leaving behind. In Sean’s case the legacy he’ll be leaving is heavily-laden with James Bond movies, but he did create other characters that are just as memorable if not as long-lasting.  Some of them are even a little more endearing to some given that they’re easier to relate to.

Here are some of his best movies.

5. Dr. No

There was no getting around putting a Bond film on here since he helped to make the character work in the first place. His suave manner and capability of making the British super spy come to life was magnificent and in many ways it doesn’t seem as though the legacy of Bond would have been as great without him. He made the character a legitimate person and helped to create the persona that so many people came to know and love. In fact you could say that a lot of the Bonds, if not all of them, have been crafting their own version of the character with him in mind, since obviously he set the bar pretty high.

4. The Rock

There are a lot of myths about The Rock, or Alcatraz as most would know it by. One is that it’s never been escaped, which history kind of muddies up by telling us it’s not true but it kind of is. There’s a lot of open water between Alcatraz and the mainland, and all of it is bone-chilling cold in the best of conditions apparently. Then there’s the other factors that would contribute to this being an almost impossible swim. But we’re talking about Sean Connery here, and also about a character that was a highly-trained operative, so of course he’s going to be the one that managed to escape and make his way back to civilization.

3. The Presidio

This film is good for a bit of suspense and action, but this one scene is enough to make it all worth it even if people would disagree. If a man that is dressed in full military uniform is sitting peacefully, let him be. If he tells you that he’s only going to use his thumb to beat you up, then apologize. If he tells you that his other thumb is too powerful for you, then back away slowly and apologize. Otherwise you might get flung around the place for a little bit to allow him to blow off some steam, and then you’ll find yourself on the floor, where you should stay until he decides to leave.

2. Highlander

To be honest some people didn’t like this movie but those that did most likely did for a number of reasons that had to do with the sword fights, the fact of immortals fighting to gain a prize that was as of yet unknown, and possibly just because it featured two of the hottest stars of the time. But whatever your reason for watching this movie it was simply great because it was a film about a man that lost everything when he woke after his death, only to realize that what he’d lost would only amount to a handful of years and a lifetime of memories. The whole idea of being immortal and being among the most powerful of them is simply awesome.

1. The Untouchables

So let’s clear up a few facts here. The Untouchables was a fun and engaging movie about an era that did happen. It also details the way that Capone was actually brought down which is amusing since he was busted for not paying his taxes and nothing else. But in truth none of the team members actually met in real life and the whole war against Capone was fought on several fronts, not just one. And Frank Nitty wasn’t tossed off of a roof to his death by Elliott Ness, though it did make for an interesting part of the movie. History buffs will no doubt point out every glaring inaccuracy, but if you take this as just a movie, a bit of fiction about something that actually happened, then it’s a great film.

No matter how he’s remembered throughout time, Sean Connery has earned his spot as a legend in the movies.

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