The Five Best Sigourney Weaver Movies of Her Career

Sigourney Weaver has been around show business for a long time considering that it was a part of her young life no matter if she wasn’t acting yet. But this is a woman that has evolved throughout her career in great leaps and bounds, coming out in a big way only to kind of settle in and let that fame carry her a bit before coming to the forefront again as though to make certain that people remember her. It’s hard to forget a woman like this since she’s put in the kind of work that has created roles that are by far and large some of the best in Hollywood. She’s been one of the many women that have shown that a female can be more than just a damsel in distress as she’s played some rather tough and unbreakable characters that don’t do down easily and certainly don’t submit to men without a good reason.

Here are some of her best movies.

5. Aliens

This one had to be added even if the first movie was iconic in a much different way. In this film Ripley has already encountered a xenomorph and ended up destroying and entire ship just to get rid of it before going into a deep sleep for nearly six decades. Everything she knows is different, the planet that she and her companions landed on has been colonized, and thus the nightmare gets to start again. When the Marines are sent in she accompanies them as the expert, but they stop laughing at her account very quickly when they encounter the same thing they did, only many, MANY more of them.

4. Avatar

It seems like trying to explain the process and value of living things to those that only see their potential as a resource is kind of futile since if it’s in their way they’re going to ram it, destroy it, and build over it in the name of progress. It’ll be interesting to see how the sequels to this movie go since you can imagine that the human race, tenacious and ambitious, won’t be forgetting Pandora anytime soon. Sigourney is supposed to be making an appearance in the next movie, but you can only think that she’s going to be a memory or a flashback since her avatar body and her human body passed away.

3. Working Girl

It would seem that only in the movies that people get what they deserve but it happens in real life too on occasion since the Katherine’s of this world aren’t always allowed to get away with anything they want. When she tries to pass of Tess’s idea as her own Katherine crosses a line from being a conniving boss to an outright deceitful one and kind of gets what she has coming when she’s fired for her fraudulent manner while Tess is promoted and given the dream job she’s always wanted. In the movies it’s easy to root for the person that finally gets what they want and to laugh as the villain takes the fall.

2. Ghostbusters

There is no Dana only Zuul. When the woman you fancy suddenly answers the door in a very seductive and alluring manner after rebuffing you for so long you might want to think twice about just walking in and trying to get your freak on. But hey, this is Peter Venkman remember, the guy that thinks he’s just that smooth and can handle anything. Give Peter credit though, when Zuul starts to get a little more rambunctious and causes Dana to float above the bed he does manage to curb his wit just a bit. Who knew that a possessing spirit would be able to be knocked out with heavy medication?

1. Alien

Weaver has almost always portrayed a strong woman in the movies but in this franchise she’s been absolutely great since even in the first one, where she was still seen as a woman and kind of subordinate to men, she eventually hit the switch and proved that she wasn’t going to be cowed by anyone. When everyone else was getting taken out by the xenomorph she was just as terrified and it showed, but she was also one of the only ones staying calm as she went about trying to get word out about what was going on. When Ashe turned on her and then the creature started stalking the rest of them she did her best to keep her cool, and it worked for the most part. She managed to blow up a ship, along with its cargo, and then blast the creature out of an airlock to finally get rid of it.

One thing you can say about Sigourney Weaver in just about any movie is that she rarely ever seems weak or in need of assistance.

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