The Five Best Songs from the Legend of Tarzan Soundtrack

You may be sitting there scratching your head at the moment wondering just when this version of Tarzan came out or you might have gone and seen the movie. But as far as critics and a lot of moviegoers were thinking it was something that didn’t earn a whole lot of positive regard since it seemed to go by its own pace and didn’t really conform to what people thought it would be. Of course if you think about it this is was a return for Tarzan to the lands that he grew up in, not exactly the origin story that Disney and a few other versions have taken on throughout the years. This story started off with Tarzan having already left the jungle and taken on a different name while being married to Jane. But his return didn’t seem like anything special and while the soundtrack did try to make it seem a little more dramatic it kind of missed the mark it feels like.

With that being said, here are some of the best tracks from the movie.

5. Returning Home

One has to wonder how long it would take to get Tarzan to acclimate to civilization after living in the jungle for so long. The kind of habits that he might have entertained while living in the wild don’t seem like the type that would go away overnight, and simply being in the city after being used to a wide open area would probably be kind of daunting for most people. But it would seem that he still made do and even took over his family name and became a rather civilized fellow. But of course there had to be an issue where he would finally return to his first real home and try to set things right.

4. Elephants in the Night

It’s funny but the story of Tarzan has been told so many times that one has to wonder just which version people prefer and whether or not that had anything to do with the way this movie kind of underwhelmed so many folks. One of the best to date seems to have been the animated version by Disney, but of course the realism that had to be brought to this movie was something that a lot of people might have liked since it brought everything back down to earth. But in that same regard it did kind of kill the overall vibe of the movie it felt like since Tarzan had to from being civilized back to being kind of wild.

3. Orphaned

Tarzan is a great story since it seems so implausible that apes would take pity on a human child, especially since a human child needs far more care than one of their own when its born. Humans are woefully ill-equipped for a life in the wild since like a lot of mammals we tend to be quite helpless when we’re born and can’t fend for ourselves. But the whole idea of a human being raised by apes is something that has stuck as a plausible and popular story for a long time now. Plus, the whole relationship between Tarzan and Jane has been a love story that many people have come to really enjoy after so long.

2. Diamonds

Have you ever noticed that humans are bedazzled by the strangest things at times? Diamonds are indeed pretty, but they’re not edible, as tools they’re hard to really use unless you know how, and overall they’re pretty things to collect and not much else. But people have killed for them, they’ve ruined the lives of others for them, and they’ve done even more unspeakable acts to obtain these diamonds all in the name of growing wealthy and having more than those around them. In a way humanity is much worse off for having the capacity to think that pretty stones are worth the kind of trouble they bring.

1. Opar

So the whole conflict that even brought Tarzan back to the jungle had to do with a chief whose son was killed by Tarzan. This prompted the chief to promise another man that was seeking purchase a band of mercenaries to fight for him the diamonds that the man prized so much if he would bring Tarzan to the jungle. And just like that, we have a way to bring the famed man back and of course it would bring Jane back too since she was raised in Africa in this version and wouldn’t think of being left behind. It all sounds so well and done and not at all contrived, but somehow the movie just didn’t go off the way it was desired.

Perhaps it’s time to let Tarzan be for a while and just focus on other stories. There are plenty of them out there, and some classics take time to appreciate again.

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