The Five Best Songs from the Lord of the Rings Soundtrack

When the cartoons of The Lord of the Rings were made it was great since it was a representation of an epic story that people loved and something to feel excited about. But when the live action movies started to come out people about lost their minds since it’s never stopped being a classic tale and the fact that something as epic as this was brought to the screen was nothing short of miraculous. But without the soundtrack it would have been a great movie that was still missing a little something as the haunting and soothing melodies that were threaded through the tale were a nice counterpoint to encapsulate and explain the action, the drama, and the overall feeling of the entire movie. Without the music it still would have worked, but with it, this movie was nothing short of brilliant.

Here the best songs from The Fellowship of the Ring.

5. A Knife in the Dark

When Aragorn stops the party for the night and wanders off to for a while the hobbits do what hobbits normally do, they eat and in the process call attention to themselves. It’s pretty obvious that none of them are warriors or even that outdoorsy since anyone who’s being hunted knows very well that you don’t announce your presence to those that are seeking you out, especially since even a small fire can be seen from a great distance when it’s burning atop an elevated position as they were currently in. Frodo did his best to put the fire out but it was too late, and they were soon enough facing a band of wraiths that meant to take what they sought.

4. May It Be

By the time this movie ended people were ready to sit round for another couple hours to see it through to the end, not knowing that by the time Frodo and Sam were shown in the final shot that it would come to a close. That actually frustrated a lot of people since they had no idea that it was going to end without concluding the story. But of course people would get up to go and see the second movie and then the third because they wanted to see what happened even if they read the book. Obviously there were a few things that were added in and some that were left out as is normal with movies made from books.

3. The Bridge of Khazad Dum

If you’ve ever played D&D then you know when an epic-level wizard tells you that a foe is beyond any of you that there’s trouble coming. When he says to run you don’t question, you get your butt in gear and start moving. Anything that could make a marauding pack of orcs rush off in a big hurry isn’t something that you should be trying to tangle with. And even when Gandalf stood his ground it was all he could do to stand up to the balrog, and ancient demon that destroys just about anything it touches and can usually fight the most powerful of creatures to a standstill if it doesn’t destroy them outright.

2. Flight to the Ford

This is a scene that was in the book, but with a very different character since Arwen took much more of a prominent role in these movies than she did in the books. It is impressive though to note how the character became so integral to the story and how she became one of the most potentially dangerous individuals in the movie. She likely would have fallen to the wraiths without the use of magic and the rushing waters, but she’s also an intelligent character that knew how to lure the wraiths to her so they would have no chance to turn back and would be caught up in the flash flood that she summoned.

1. Concerning Hobbits

It’s pretty obvious that Gandalf has a soft spot for hobbits since he’s well known among the Shire folk and has a reputation that’s either very good or very bad or somewhere in-between. That being said it’s almost as though he’s their silent protector and doesn’t really want the rest of the world knowing too much about them. It’s a sound strategy since most hobbits are content to stay in the Shire and away from the dealings of humans. But the simple life was never quite enough for Frodo and it definitely wasn’t enough for Bilbo despite the fact that he needed convincing to make his own journey.

You can bet there were those that just about nitpicked this movie and the other two to death until they’d come up with a list of everything that was different and everything that had been left out. But we each enjoy the movies in our own way.

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